Oberlin College Sustainable Technology Coordinator

Oberlin, OH

Organization: Oberlin College

Location: Oberlin, OH

Type of opportunity: Sustainable Technology Coordinator

Contact: john.petersen@oberlin.edu


The successful candidate will play a central role in the development and management of hardware, software and data associated with “Environmental Dashboard,” a novel technological system that provides community residents, faculty, students and facilities personnel with real-time feedback on energy, water, and other environmental conditions in residential and commercial buildings at the College in the in City of Oberlin. More information on the project can be found at: http://www.oberlindashboard.org. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Managing monitoring hardware to ensure that it remains functional. This includes “ground truthing” metering technology installed in campus buildings and in facilities within the community to ensure that they deliver and continue to deliver accurate data.
  • Managing data display hardware and web technologies that includes a server, and “Environmental Orbs” on the Oberlin College campus and in the city.
  • Actively participating in and providing technical support for the expansion of the existing electricity, thermal and water monitoring system at Oberlin College to include all campus buildings as well as its central heating plant.
  • Oversee implementation of a system to acquire data from utility meters through “smart metering” technology.
  • Assist facilities personnel, faculty, staff and students in accessing and interpreting data on the environmental performance of buildings.
  • Managing students who work on technical aspects of the project.
  • The hire is expected to divide their time approximately equally between on and off-campus components of the Dashboard System.
  • Assist in review of mechanical and electrical drawings associated with resource monitoring.
  • Assist VP of Energy Management in development of policy documents associated monitoring, metering and verification.
  • Assist in management of resource reduction competitions.

Desired qualifications:

We seek an individual with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and work experience, with advanced computer skills. We are looking for someone with strong leadership potential and organizational skills who is excited by the opportunity to develop and manage novel technology designed to motivate and empower citizens, students, staff, and facility operators to be smart users of energy and water and to take care of the environment. Reliability, creativity, ability to independently troubleshoot and solve technical problems and to collaborate as a team member are essential.

General hardware and software problem solving skills and experience; Computer Programing (including PHP, Bash, Python); database management (SQL); Linux, Windows, and Mac (OS X) system administration and system hardware management experience; front-end web development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, WordPress); hobby electronics (e.g. arduino, raspberry pi), project management; supervision of students. It is not essential that applicants have all of these skills and experiences, but we are looking for someone who has substantial knowledge of computer systems and the demonstrated ability to learn and teach themselves new skills as needs arise. We are looking for someone who has a demonstrated interest in energy and a desire to develop expertise in managing energy systems. The candidate should be familiar with basic principles such as the different contexts in which terms such as kW, kWh and BTU/sf, therms are used and how to interpret the subtleties of utility bills. Must be comfortable working around building mechanical equipment and working with building operators, facilities managers and trades people. Applicants with bachelors degrees in engineering, physics, computer science, mathematics and other quantitative sciences are particularly encouraged to apply.

Start and end dates: ASAP, 1 year with possible extension


Within the range established for this position, salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience and includes an excellent benefits package.

Link to more information: https://jobs.oberlin.edu/postings/1121

How to apply: Required documents:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resume
  3. List of References