Regional Vegetation Applications Coordinator

Golden, CO

Organization: US Forest Service

Location: Golden, CO

Type of opportunity: 

The position is located within the Resource Information (RI) staff area of the Regional Office and reports to the Director. The incumbent is the regional coordinator of forest vegetation corporate databases and forest data management systems for Region 2. The incumbent will work closely with members of the RI staff, other regional office staff and forest personnel using the national corporate systems to manage forest and vegetative data.

Contact: Michael Hollfield


The incumbent serves as the regional expert in:

  • Developing policy, direction, and use for FACTS;
  • The integrated analysis of vegetation data in a variety of data management systems (FSVeg, FIA, FSVeg Spatial, FVS, etc); and
  • The development and utilization of vegetation analysis tools utilizing software at both the landscape and project level.


How to apply: 

If you are interested click the following Outreach link and provide the requested information:

Regional Vegetation Applications Coordinator (NATRL RESOURCE MGMT SPECLST), GS-0401/0460-12/13.

Application deadline: The Outreach is set to close 12/03/2015