Meridian Fellowship Project Assistants

Washington, DC & Dillon, CO

Organization: Meridian Institute

Location: Washington, DC & Dillon, CO

Type of opportunity: Two-year, temporary fellowship

Contact:  Please direct any questions about the Fellowship to Jennifer Brassanini.


Meridian Fellows provide research, writing, and other types of support for projects focusing on a wide variety of challenging issues. Meridian Fellows may:

  • Assist in the preparation of meeting materials and summaries, press releases, and other communications
  • Help prepare for new projects by researching and developing background documents
  • Interview or otherwise engage participants in Meridian processes, including leaders of the private, non-profit, and government sectors
  • Help plan, attend, and/or provide logistical support for both domestic and international meetings
  • Actively engage in dynamic teams focused on helping design and facilitate collaborative public policy processes
  • Tracking and keeping team up to date on political and news developments on relevant policy issues
  • Attend policy briefings, hearings, seminars, and other events as needed to track key topics and activities and provide summaries of these events to project teams
  • Provide administrative support for Meridian projects and the organization, including but not limited to maintaining websites and list serves, drafting emails, taking notes, and participating on internal Meridian teams to assist with organizational development
  • Other duties as assigned

Desired qualifications:

  • Interest or experience in collaborative decision-making, facilitation, or mediation
  • Substantive experience in Meridian topic areas
  • Basic understanding of the institutional and political context in which public policies are deliberated
  • Demonstrated experience with the skills required for the Fellowship position, drafting meeting summaries, conducting interviews, and researching and assembling background materials
  • Critical thinking skills including the ability to think “on one’s feet”, innovative thinking, and the ability to view and understand an issue from multiple perspectives
  • Foreign language skills
  • Experience in multicultural and/or international settings
  • Experience with meeting and logistical support
  • Experience with managing website content, Twitter, SiteCore, SharePoint, or MailChimp a plus
  • Advanced technology competencies (e.g. document formatting, template development, graphic design, and database management)

Start and end dates: Summer 2016-Summer 2018


First year Fellows are offered a minimum salary of $32,000 per year in a non-exempt position. An excellent benefits package is included.

Link to more information: 2016 Meridian Fellowship Announcement

How to apply:

The Fellowship application consists of four parts:

  1. Cover Letter – Drawing from your personal, professional, and academic experiences, please explain how you hope to contribute to Meridian as a Fellow and what you hope to gain from this opportunity.
  2. Essay – 600 words or fewer Meridian works on a variety of social and environmental policy issues including climate change, resilience, and natural resource management. Briefly describe a critical public policy issue facing society today and suggest how a collaborative process could be effective in helping address that issue. If applicable, include details about which parties should be engaged and what challenges might be faced in trying to bring them together. Oceans Program Candidates are advised to focus on topics related to ocean and coastal policy and climate change.
  3. Resume – Two pages or fewer detailing relevant education, training, experiences, and accomplishments.
  4. References – Three references, including title, affiliation, phone number, and email addresses. References can be professors, current or former employers, or others who can speak to your professional qualifications for this position. Please do not include “personal” references.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the application process can be found on the Meridian Website—FAQs

Application deadline: February 5, 2016