NPS Climate Change Youth Leadership Internships

US National Parks

Organization: National Parks Service

Location: Nationwide opportunities including Alaska and American Samoa

Type of opportunity: Full-time temporary, seasonal internship


National parks and NPS programs develop and oversee structured projects in one or more of the following interdisciplinary areas: climate change science and monitoring; resource conservation and adaptation; policy development; sustainable park operations; facilities adaptation; and communication/interpretation/education. During the internship, students apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to climate change challenges and communicate with diverse stakeholders.

Desired qualifications:

Must be a highly accomplished upper-level undergraduate student or graduate student planning on attending school in fall 2016.

Start and end dates: 12 weeks during summer 2016.

Salary/pay: $15/hour plus benefits.

Interns who successfully complete the YLCC, an approved Direct Hire Authority Internship program, will be eligible to be hired non-competitively into subsequent federal jobs once they complete their degree program. These jobs can be in the NPS, Fish & Wildlife Service, or Bureau of Land Management. An intern must qualify for the job in order to be hired non-competitively.

Link to more information: See the program website.

Application deadline: January 28, 2016