Master of Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting (MGMA)- CSU

Fort Collins, CO


Organization: Colorado State University

Type of opportunity:  academic



Kaye Homan- Academic Support/Internship Coordinator|

Nikki Foxley-MGMA Program Coordinator |



  • The interdisciplinary MGMA degree provides students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds—such as environmental studies, agriculture, forestry, business, engineering, and natural resources—the opportunity to develop the skills needed for emerging sustainability professions focused on greenhouse gas management and accounting. Students explore a range of topics including sustainability, greenhouse gas policies, climate change science, and foundations of greenhouse gas management. They engage in real-world data collection and estimation of greenhouse gas footprints.
  • The MGMA degree showcases CSU’s world-class leadership in greenhouse gas and climate change science. The program is led by Dr. Stephen Ogle and Dr. Rich Conant, who have more than two decades of combined experience compiling greenhouse gas emission data for the U.S. government and other governmental and nongovernmental entities. Drs. Ogle and Conant have served as lead authors on reports prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), advise organizations of all kinds on greenhouse gas mitigation, and conduct leading-edge research evaluating drivers of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation options.



Salary/pay: Two graduate fellowships and a teaching assistantship are available to support incoming students for FA16.

Link to more information: Video

How to apply: CSU Admissions Page

  • Applicants interested in graduate fellowships or the teaching assistantship should contact the MGMA Program Coordinator, Nikki Foxley, as soon as possible for more information.

Application deadline: March 1, 2016