Student Trainee (Natural Resources Management & Biological Sciences)

Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest & Pawnee National Grassland, CO

Organization: Forest Service

Type of opportunity: internship

ContactLynne Deibel |


  • This Pathways Internship temporary position is located on a Forest Service unit and serves as an Intern NTE in support of the Forest Service Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences Programs. Specific disciplines covered in this position include forestry, rangeland management, wildlife biology, fish biology, ecology, botany, recreation, natural resources management, biological sciences, and other related disciplines in the GS-0400 Group.
  • This position is designed to provide a career-oriented introduction to the background, philosophy, concepts, and scope of the Forest Service Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences functions and a practical understanding of the policies of the employing organization. Assignments are temporary in nature and, in conjunction with formal education from an accredited educational institution,
  • The Intern NTE will gain the necessary competencies for future career opportunities in the Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences field. Work assignments are selected to ensure that the Intern NTE receives on-the-job training and work experience in one or more program functions.
  • Receives training in the principles, concepts, work processes, and regulations of one or more functional areas of Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences. Work assignments are usually clear-cut and designed to provide experience in a variety of activities.
  • On a scheduled basis, following the Pathways Participant Agreement, receives assignments in various Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences functions to gain an understanding of the various program concepts and operations, develop an understanding of the total mission as well as organizational/functional interrelationships, and gain work experience through temporary work assignments in the Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences field.
  • Receives formal and on-the-job training in OPM, Department of Agriculture and Forest Service policies, rules, regulations, and procedures.
  • Is instructed on the use of personal computers, and file and data management.

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How to apply:

  • The vacancy announcement, when available, will be posted on the USA Jobs website, the U.S. Government’s official site for job and employment information:
  • The expected dates of the Job Opportunity Announcement will be from February 29, 2016 through March 4, 2016.  Respondents will receive notification of the opening via email.
  • Interested applicants should respond to Derek Darter, Administrative Operations Specialist, at 970-295-6694, via email at or facsimile at 970-295-6699, using the attached Outreach Interest Form.