Fish Biologist/Hydrologist, Bighorn National Forest

Sheridan, Wyoming 

Organization: Bighorn National Forest

Type of opportunity: Full time, permanent

Contact: Chris Williams,, (307)-674-2646


  • Develops plans and provides input related to the protection and management of water resources, including stream and lake surveys, biologic populations, productivity, hydrologic, physical and biological characteristics, endangered or critical aquatic species, habitat improvements, and water resource restoration.
  • Participates as required in the development of environmental assessments and environmental impact statements.
  • Prepares technical progress and final reports, presenting results of monitoring administrative studies, surveys, and other activities relating to fish habitat and watershed management.
  • As part of a team, conducts surveys of the water resources of the Forest. These surveys include collecting original data, assembling previously collected records, and analyzing and evaluating all assembled data to develop long range prescriptions or plans for management’s use in watershed management.
  • Consults with other resource specialists in assessing the impacts of proposed programs and projects on watershed values.

Desired qualifications: Qualifications are specific to the position (hydrologist or fish biologist) and to the grade (GS-5, 7, or 9). See announcement below for more information.

Salary/pay: $32,318 – $48,968  

Link to more information: Read the job announcement and apply on USA Jobs.

Application deadline: February 17, 2016