Field Study and Research Opportunity, Tatoosh School

Southeast Alaska 

Organization: Tatoosh School

Type of opportunity: Field course

Contact: Peter Chaillé, Ph.D., Executive Director,, (503) 347-2599

Opportunities: Tatoosh School offers enriching learning experiences through field-based university classes. The School’s field-based, university-level courses provide learning opportunities that are relevant for students in a range of majors and disciplines.  Students earn up to 16 units of upper-division credit and gain rich practical field experience in rural and remote southeastern Alaska.

Tatoosh School students become field scientists and participate in several long-term ecological research programs in collaboration with our partners while gaining invaluable experience and professional connections that can last a lifetime. Tatoosh School programs apply understandings of Southeast’s dynamic terrestrial, riparian, and nearshore marine ecosystems while compiling a data set that supports land managers in their evaluation of the efficacy of techniques as projects progress across the region.

Desired qualifications: The Tatoosh School seeks students who are are motivated to learn and develop outdoor skills and leadership, and are in good health, physically and emotionally, and are socially responsible.  A qualified student is one who meets the school’s Fitness Criteria.

Link to more information: Visit the Tatoosh School online for more information on their programs.

How to apply:  Read the admission procedure and apply online.

Application deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please apply early!  We will be in touch with you about the status of your application no more than two weeks after we receive it.