Research Opportunity, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Division of Endangered Species

Denver, Colorado 

OrganizationU.S. FWS Division of Endangered Species, Mountain-Prairie Regional Office

Type of opportunity: Part-time, research, volunteer

Duties: We are seeking graduate students to assist with five-year reviews for threatened and endangered species. Our highest priority taxa for these reviews include plants, fish, and invertebrates, with plants on the top of the list.

Although we are unable to offer payment, we can instead provide an opportunity for students to collaborate closely with our species leads and researchers in critical thinking, writing, and in drafting reviews from a Federal Government standpoint. This experience is especially valuable for those students considering future Federal employment.

How to apply: Interested graduate students should contact Kathy Konishi, Recovery Permits Coordinator & Assistant Recovery Coordinator,, (719) 628-2670.