Peacemaking Conference, Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Peacemaking

Manistee, Michigan 

Organization: Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Peacemaking

Type of opportunity: Conference

Contact: Patrick D. Wilson, Peacemaking/ Probation Department, (231) 398-2239

Description: A conference for professionals wanting to get a better understanding of Peacemaking, Restorative Justice, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The Peacemaking setting is much different from state court proceedings. Unlike the state court system which is divisive by its nature and involves a judge or jury making the decisions for others, Peacemaking encourages people to solve their own problems. Peacemaking involves; (1) discussing issues in a respectful manner; (2) assisting individuals with understanding and accepting responsibility for his/her wrong-doings; (3) promoting heathly relationships; and (4) working with participants to plan and make groups decisions about future actions.

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Start and end dates: June 8-10, 2016

Registration available online:!participant-registration/wn24g

Cost: $350