Research Engineer, Wind Energy High Performance Computing Modeling, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Boulder, Colorado

Organization: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Duties: The research engineer will use and improve NREL high performance computing tools for wind turbine aerodynamics and wind farm interactions. The researcher will work with NREL researchers and those of other laboratories and industry to advance the level of understanding of key phenomena regarding atmospheric stability, turbulence, vegetation, terrain, structural loading and wake losses within wind farms. The researcher may also model unique next generation wind turbine aerodynamics using similar high performance computing tools. The researcher may use the high performance computing tools to validate and improve more computationally efficient models to be used by industry. The researcher will also work with other NREL researchers to better understand the area of wind farm control.  The researcher will develop and perform creative new analyses, develop validation experiments to advance the state of the art for wind turbine power performance assessments and the siting of future wind plants. The researcher will also make presentations on project progress to sponsors and reviewers, write annual project reports, and publish research results in peer-reviewed journals.

Qualifications: The preferred candidate will have previous modeling and simulation experience in wind energy and atmospheric science. Candidates with experimental experience in atmospheric boundary layer science or wind energy field testing are also encouraged to apply.

  • Applies extensive engineering technical expertise, and has full knowledge of other related disciplines.
  • Considered a technical resource.
  • Demonstrates leadership in several areas of team, task or project lead responsibilities.
  • Demonstrated experience in management of projects.
  • Excellent writing, interpersonal and communication skills.

Education requirements:

  • Relevant PhD and 4 or more years of experience or equivalent relevant education/experience.
  • Or, relevant Master’s Degree and 7 or more years of experience or equivalent relevant education/experience.
  • Or, relevant Bachelor’s Degree and 9 or more years of experience or equivalent relevant education/experience.

Link to more information: Job announcement on the NREL website