Outdoor Recreation Media Internship, Backpacking Light

Laramie, WY

Organization: Backpacking Light

Duties: Possible internship projects that you can work on are listed below

  •  Editorial production and workflow process design and management;
  • Online media editorial development (including narrative and video);
  • Ultralight outdoor gear performance evaluation, test design, analysis, and product review writing;
  • Online advertising and advertising technologies, public relations, customer support, B2B partnerships, and B2C marketing;
  • Engineering research and stress testing of ultralight outdoor performance equipment systems;
  • Health science / physiological research about the impact of pack weight on human performance;
  • Backpacking guiding, skills instruction, and outfitting business development;
  • Instructional video development including scriptwriting and production editing.

Desired qualifications: Be in an applicable degree/interest program like outdoor recreation, journalism, marketing, health sciences / physiology, or engineering.

Start and end dates: February 1, 2017

Link to more information: See the full job advertisement

How to apply: Contact Ryan Jordan, Publisher & Founder; please include which projects fit your primary areas of interest / experience, and why.