Research Scientists, Mongabay

Organization: Mongabay

Duties: Carry out a literature review (or use existing reviews if available) on a specific conservation intervention, extracting data from the literature using (and adapting) our standardized template. Work together with data visualization team to create an interactive graphic representing an evidence map resulting from the literature review. Work closely together with a Mongabay journalist on a story that will be published on Mongabay and will include the interactive visualization, and an in-depth coverage of the conservation strategy. Ensure data quality, correct interpretation of the scientific literature, and overall rigor of the story.

Desired qualifications:

  • Ability to carry out a literature review independently
  • Ability to discern different types of evidence, evaluate the strength and breadth of data
  • Strength in data synthesis, seeing the big picture yet being detail-oriented and rigorous
  • Good communication and data visualization skills
  • Experience in ecology, environmental science, or conservation science
  • Willingness to depart from the traditional academic model of research. Even though submitting the results of the literature review to a peer reviewed journal is not precluded, it will not be the main focus of the project.
  • Excellent skills in data organization and maintenance
  • Strong motivation to making a difference in conservation
  • Prior experience: at least two years of graduate school in a relevant discipline completed, or equivalent experience.

Link to more information: See the full announcement and apply.