Willits Ethics Award, University of Wyoming

Contact: Please contact Ed Sherline, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies:  sherline@uwyo.edu

Project qualifications: 

  1. Concentrate on a well-defined ethical problem;
  2. Make a positive contribution to solving an ethical problem;
  3. Have a substantial, clear, developed, relevant, and concrete ethics component;
  4. Utilize a process or methodology for investigation and research;
  5. Are of consequence, and have potential benefit to others;
  6. Are feasible, capable of completion in one summer;
  7. Are original, the students’ own research rather than a segment of faculty research;
  8. Use the funds for project essentials;
  9. Have a strong faculty letter of recommendation.

Student qualifications: 

  • Students must be enrolled full-time, during the 2018 Spring Semester and enrolled for at least one credit hour during the 2018 Summer Semester (this includes graduate students).  Graduate students must be formally accepted in a University of Wyoming graduate program.
  • The recipients are expected to work full time during the summer on his or her project.
  • The recipients must present their research to the university community in Academic Year 2018-19.  This might be a departmental colloquium, or a graduate student conference, or the undergraduate research days.
  • Past recipients of this Independent Study award are not eligible.

Salary/pay: $3,000 award

Link to more information: View the full description and apply.

Application deadline: April 23, 2018