Raptor Caretaker and Presenter Intern, Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Cody, WY

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West seeks a Raptor Caretaker and Presenter Intern for summer 2020.

Job Description:

Hawks, owls, falcons, vultures! You’ve probably seen them in the wild, you may have even studied them in classes, but have you ever held one on your arm? Here’s your chance to explore a different, and often ignored, aspect of conservation biology and environmental education—Live Raptor Education! Join the Draper Natural History Museum Raptor Experience team and work one-on-one with birds of prey while engaging the public with the amazing traits that make these birds some of the best-known animals in the skies. The Raptor Experience is looking for a person wanting to start a career as an educator in a zoological field but who does not yet have experience working directly with wildlife in educational programs. The Raptor Experience staff’s goal is to help the right candidate gain the experience necessary to not only obtain a job in this field, but to determine which, if any, areas of the industry are right for them (i.e. education, training, husbandry, etc.). If you would like to learn more about the highly rewarding world of wildlife education, if you have a strong stomach as well as a strong back, if you feel comfortable giving presentations to large groups, and you have a passion for learning and teaching, the Draper Museum Raptor Experience may be the perfect place to spend your summer.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

• Clean bird facilities and feed birds daily

• Assist with bird training

• Handle birds during educational programs

• Present public educational programs and assist with merchandise sales


• No prior experience handling birds of prey necessary—training will be provided

• Must be at least 18 years of age

• Must be able to life at least 50 pounds

• Must be able to stand for long periods of time

• Must have strong interest in wildlife and natural science

• Must be willing to prepare food items (frozen rats, mice, quail, etc.) for raptors

• Must be willing and able to learn up to 30 minutes of information and present programs to audiences of up to 200 people

• Must have strong work ethic and be dependable

To apply:

Complete the online application here: https://centerofthewest.org/learn/internships/


March 1, 2020