Forestry Technician (Wilderness/Trails), Department of Agriculture

Laramie, WY

Job Title: Forestry Technician

Organization: Department of Agriculture 

Overview:This position is located within a National Forest. The primary purpose of this position is responsible for assisting in the development and scheduling of annual work plans and the execution of field operations relating to the unit trails program.


  • Participates in the preparation and execution of trails management plans based on approved direction in land management plans. Prepares annual trail operating plans.
  • Implements trail, and/or wilderness bridge construction and reconstruction projects. Develops and monitors the logistics required for completion of wilderness projects and non-wilderness projects associated with trail maintenance and reconstruction.
  • This includes condition surveys, developing project plans and cost estimates, and making recommendations for improvements. Implementation may involve the supervision of small crews in such activities.
  • Participates in the identification and planning for future trail construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and restoration projects. Performs trail log, condition, and prescription surveys.
  • Recommends the location of a variety of facilities, and records diverse information about the characteristics of the area. Trains crews in wilderness and trails construction and revegetation techniques.
  • Performs independently or as a leader of a small project crew in trail maintenance and construction.
  • Monitors and inspects contracted work to assure it meets the provisions of the contract. Participates in performing final inspection and developing the final inspection reports.
  • Keeps records of visitor use levels, types and patterns. Makes sure that portals are properly signed and bulletin boards are maintained. Maintains records of visitor use levels, and types and patterns of use.
  • Provides technical assistance in sampling and inventories designed to measure visitor use and impacts, and insures accurate statistics for reporting visitor use information. Updates database by collecting and entering data.
  • Provides input to the budget planning by assisting with the overall estimation of materials, personnel, and supplies needed for work accomplishment for enveloped and dispersed recreation sites.
  • Prepares budget requests and adjusts program priorities to reflect the actual funding levels appropriated.
  • Participates in the administration and implementation of recreation area with responsibility for carrying out operations plans for the use, improvement and maintenance for developed and dispersed recreation sites.
  • Manages part of the warehouse and storage space allocated to the unit. Requisitions, receives, marks, and stores supplies and equipment.
  • Responsible for the care, operation, and maintenance of power boats, vehicles, power and hand tools, shop equipment, and supplies.
  • Supports and develops volunteer and other human resource programs. Solicits interviews, selects, trains, motivates and supervises volunteers. Prepares volunteer agreements, travel requests, and other necessary documentation.
  • Instructs chainsaw course for unit employees. Teaches and evaluates falling and bucking techniques, chainsaw safety, saw maintenance, and mechanics. Instructor teaches both classroom and field session showing proper techniques for chainsaw use
  • Rates students for ability, keeps records of trainees, and advises their supervisors on abilities. Responsible for re-certifying students every three years.
  • Promotes District and Forest Safety Programs. Conducts safety training and tailgate sessions. Analyzes hazard potential of projects and completes safety reports. Writes safety and health hazard analyses reports.
  • Provides public information and interpretive services. Provides liaison with community organizations and interest groups to stimulate interest in and utilization of forest recreation facilities.
  • Determines and recommends opportunities for community members to participate in programs and activities. Coordinates group visits with operational personnel and communicates schedules and requirements for logistical support.

Application deadline: December 11

Salary/pay: $18.65/hr

How to apply: Please click here