RAY Diversity Fellowship


Job Title: Diversity Fellowship

Organization: RAY Fellowship

Type of Opportunity: Inspired by efforts to increase racial diversity in conservation and clean energy, the Environmental Leadership Program coordinates Roger Arliner Young (RAY) Diversity Fellowship provides first-time career access opportunities for recent college graduates of color who do not have previous professional experience or a graduate degree. The RAY Fellowship is designed to support the Fellows in becoming leaders in the environmental sector—one that, in our visions of the future, fully represents, includes, and is led by the diverse communities, perspectives, and experiences of the United States.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Come from a racial / ethnic background underrepresented in conservation and clean energy, and demonstrate a commitment to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Be less than one (1) year out of college and have a Bachelor’s Degree by July 2021 (we are not considering individuals with graduate degrees at this time) 
  • Have not had a full-time job in conservation or clean energy
  • Have the ability to work in the United States and commit to the entire fellowship

How to Apply:

Applicants must:

1. Complete an initial application form. Please use this link to complete a short online form to provide basic information for your applicant file (including your name, contact details, and school information). After receiving this initial form, they will send you a link to submit the following application materials to tell them more about yourself.

2. Submit a Resume or Curriculum Vitae, using the format you feel best captures the range of your experience and interests. Please title your submissions “Lastname_Firstname_Resume/CV” ex: Murphy_Guilu_Resume.

3. Submit responses to each of the following essay, visioning, and short answer prompts. Please include your name in all materials and title your submissions “Lastname_Firstname_Essay/Visioning/Short Answer” ex: Murphy_Guilu_Essay.docx, or Espedido_Charlie_Visioning.pdf

  • Essay: Dr. Roger Arliner Young, for whom the Program is named, was the first Black woman to receive a doctorate degree in zoology. Her accomplishments came after years of juggling research and teaching while navigating social obstacles as a Black woman and overcoming personal struggles. Please tell about an experience from your own life that has influenced who you are and shaped your development. (400 word limit)
  • Visioning: Imagine the world seven generations from now, when humanity has solved the current environmental crises. What does your vision of this world look like? How is it different from the world today and what might be the same? What are some of the ways you contributed to these solutions, and how did the RAY Fellowship Program help to catalyze your leadership? You may answer this prompt through any medium in which you express yourself best. Examples of submissions could be a painting, a photo diary, a poem or short story, an Instagram post, a Twitter thread, a video essay, a 3 minute podcast, a visual portfolio, etc. There are no right or wrong answers, so be creative in how you show/tell your answer, and have fun!
    • Please submit your answer to this prompt via URL (shareable as a video, audio, or PDF file through Google Drive, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).
      • For video or audio submissions, please limit to 3 minutes.
      • For non-video/audio or visual submissions, please limit any contextualizing description to 250 words.
      • For text-only submissions, please limit to 400 words.
  • Short Answer: Which RAY Fellowship position(s) are you most interested in and why does your experience and background align well with this work? Provide a short answer of no more than 250 words for each position you are interested in (up to three positions). (250 word limit)

Application Deadline: March 26