Summer Sustainability Remote Internship, Greenopia


Job Title: Summer Sustainability Remote Internship

Organization: Greenopia

Overview: Greenopia is a database of local green businesses and services, based on a stringent set of criteria mixing environmental health, best climate practices and human rights, social equality (BIPOC) and other relevant UN 17 SDGs and local standards. Every year, they undergo a massive screening process, focusing on 15 major cities, with over 20 categories of businesses. This year we will review up to 1.5m businesses to come up with a list of 500k qualified ones.
The internship will be done remotely however, you must have a reliable internet source and your own computer. The team will have weekly check-ins to go over lists and in some cases, you will need to call the business to nudge or help them finish the application that you send them in the screening process. There are three geographical locations: West, Midwest and East Coast, please let your preference be known.

Salary/pay: You will be paid $4,500 for three months and a $500 bonus for completing all the applications in your area

Start/End dates: June-August

How to apply & application deadline: Email with your resume, or with questions and concerns