Energy Research Positions, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Oslo, Norway

Position Title: Energy Research Positions

Organization: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Organization Overview: The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) holds a leading position in research on international politics and economy. They also have a special responsibility for communication on these areas. They strive to conduct all our activities with quality, relevance and credibility. They are in an exciting development, and employ today around 65 people. The institute is owned by the Ministry of Education and Research. The activities are funded by Norwegian and international organizations like the Research Council of Norway and the EU, as well as public and private enterprises. NUPI is located in attractive premises in central Oslo.

Position Overview: The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs is looking for two researchers to boost its research on energy issues. The persons hired will work on a broad range of policy-relevant topics related to energy and climate change across multiple projects under the umbrella of NUPI’s Research Group on Russia, Asia, and International Trade and Center for Energy Research

Duties: The core tasks will be to publish articles in academic journals in cooperation with colleagues at NUPI and partner institutions in Russia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world and contribute to several capacity building projects by coordinating, mentoring, and editing research output. These projects include OSCE, Kodak, ACCEPT, RECCOM, Climate Clubs and Negative Emissions.  You will also be expected to contribute to project administration and research dissemination; to help initiate new research by writing grant proposals.

These two full-time positions are suitable for persons who are helpful, flexible and prepared to work in cooperation with colleagues at NUPI and partner institutions. The persons hired will become part of NUPI’s energy research team, which works on a broad range of international energy issues such as for example energy transition, the geopolitics of renewable energy, the climate-energy nexus, the role of hydrogen in the international energy system, stranded fosil fuel producing assets and countries, environmental aspects of the Belt and Road Initiative and Arctic resource extraction, and energy-related multilateral organizations such as the IEA and IRENA. They are also expected to contribute to the institute’s broader research environment and community by engaging and cooperating with people working in different fields.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Competence on energy sector, or subsidiarily climate change
  • Competence on international affairs and/or relevant social scientific theories and methods
  • Very strong written English skills
  • Broad quantitative skills
  • Data visualization skills
  • Understanding of research design and methodological issues (sampling, representativity, validity, causality, control groups etc.)
  • PhD in a relevant field is required for position 1 and relevant for position 2
  • Recent publications in relevant peer-reviewed academic journals are required for position 1 and relevant for position 2

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience of editing English-language academic texts
  • Competence on energy issues in Asia
  • Norwegian language competence
  • A track record of publishing in journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Environmental Research Letters, Nature Energy, Nature Climate Change, Energy, Renewable Energy, Joule, Heliyon, Energy Strategy Reviews, etc.

Timeline: Position 1 is permanent. Position 2 is for a period of 12 months but may be extended. It is desirable to fill the positions as early as possible.

Application Deadline: May 11

How to apply: Please click here to view the full job description and to apply