Laboratory Service Manager, Stanford University

Stanford, CA

Position Title: Laboratory Service Manager

Organization: The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences at Stanford University 


The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences is looking to hire a lab manager to oversee various sample preparation and mineral separation facilities within the Earth Materials Laboratory and either the Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory or the Micro-CT Facility. The role will involve coordination and collaboration with students and researchers to prepare samples for a diverse range of analytical techniques across Stanford University.


  • Typical duties of the lab manager will include implementing health and safety protocols, training new users on equipment operation, advising on sample preparation and mineral separation methods to meet specific project goals, ensuring laboratory cleanliness to avoid sample contamination, maintaining laboratory compliance with local regulations, and managing the repair and maintenance of various equipment.
  • Lab equipment includes rock saws, ball mill, muffle furnace, rock crushing and pulverizing equipment, water table, magnetic separators, and heavy liquid density separation facilities. The lab manager will also oversee either the Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory or Micro-CT Facility depending on qualifications.
  • The Cosmogenic Nuclide Lab support will include extracting beryllium and aluminum from quartz-bearing rocks to create sample targets for accelerator mass spectrometry and maintaining lab cleanliness. The Micro-CT Facility support will include sample preparation, operation of a new CT scanner, and image processing.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelors’ degree and two years of experience in a related scientific field, or combination of education and relevant experience.
  • Understanding of academic research facility needs.
  • General background in a discipline related to the work of specific lab(s).
  • Demonstrated experience managing budgets.
  • Knowledge and experience in managing facilities, operations, maintenance, space, and equipment administration in a research or teaching setting.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Familiarity with health and safety compliance regulations.

Physical Qualifications:

  • Frequently stand, walk, twist, bend, stoop, squat, grasp lightly, use fine manipulation, grasp forcefully, perform desk-based computer tasks, lift, carry, push and pull objects weighing over 40 pounds.
  • Rarely climb, scrub, sweep, mop, chop and mix or operate hand and foot controls.
  • Ability to bend, squat, kneel, stand, reach above shoulder level, and move on hard surfaces for up to 8 hours.
  • Must have correctible vision to perform duties of the job.
  • Ability to lift heavy objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to work in a dusty and odorous environment.

*Consistent with its obligations under the law, the University will provide reasonable accommodation to any employee with a disability who requires accommodation to perform the essential functions of the job.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • MS in an appropriate scientific field (Geology or Earth Sciences) with completed laboratory coursework involving crystallography, mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry and a demonstrated ability to identify minerals in rocks and disaggregated samples.
  • Experience in training individuals in complex tasks and development/refinement of effective method protocols for laboratory procedures.
  • Previous experience with managing Environmental Health & Safety issues including inventory, storage, and waste management of chemicals and the proper use of organic heavy liquids (e.g., MEI) and acids (e.g., HNO3, HF) as well as sediment handling and dust management.
  • Experience in any of the following specialized areas: 
    • Micro-CT 3D imaging and image processing
    • Physical and chemical processing of quartz-bearing rocks to produce purified extracts of beryllium and aluminum for cosmogenic nuclide measurement
    • Preparation of rock powders for whole rock geochemist
    • Preparation of rock samples for chemical or petrographic study including thin section, scanning electron microscope, electron microprobe analysis, or related analysis
    • Physical processing of rocks to extract mineral concentrates for geochronology and thermochronology
  • Experience in supervising laboratory projects in a diverse research and technical environment with emphasis upon:
    • Coordinating/overseeing user activities in a manner that ensures safe work conditions and facilitates efficient utilization of laboratory resources
    • Ensuring sample integrity by enforcing requirements for robust sample labeling and containment, and prevention of sample cross-contamination

How To Apply:

We invite you to apply for this position by clicking on the “Apply for Job” button on our website. To be considered, you must submit a cover letter and résumé along with your online application.