AmeriCorps Service Member, The Science Zone

Casper, WY

Position Title: AmeriCorps Service Member 

Organization: The Science Zone through AmeriCorps Wyoming


With AmeriCorps a the Science Zone, you will have a chance to serve young people by teaching camps, spending time outdoors practicing environmental education, and contributing in a meaningful way to an organization that is committed to strengthening our community through science education. 

Job Details:

  • We are looking to fill Three Quarter Time and Half Time slots that will start Sept. 13. 
  • These positions come with a monthly living stipend as well as an education award upon successful completion (which can be used to pay back loans). 
  • Must be able to work in Casper, WY
  • Should like kids, the outdoors, and science education 

How To Apply:

To learn more about the open positions, email . If you have an AmeriCorps account, you can also visit for the three-quarter time position or for the half-time position.