Invasive Species Rangeland Internship (Summer), Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Cheyenne, WY

Position Title: Invasive Species Rangeland Internship

Organization: Wyoming Stock Growers Association 

Location: Cheyenne, WY

Overview: This internship is designed to offer beginning agriculturalists and range specialists real-world and hands-on experience implementing the educational tools already gained. This paid internship will last for three months during the summer months where interns will work, learn and gain valuable insight from mentoring ranchers from across the state of Wyoming. A stipend of $1,800 will be given at the end of each month with room and board supplied by the mentoring ranch and the possibility of 1-3 credit hours. Students are responsible for working with their advisor/professor to obtain credit hours. Sophomore, Junior, Senior or Grad students majoring in any natural resource related field are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.   

The internship program seeks to bring an on-the-ground focus to actions that halt the expansion of invasive plant species and recover native rangeland habitats.  The program will accomplish this in three ways: 1) Identify and provide additional workforce to landowners who have demonstrated a commitment to control and eradication of invasive species; 2) Provide practical experience in addressing invasive species issues to college students engaged in rangeland management disciplines; 3) Publicize these efforts in a manner that motivates other landowners to commit to invasive species eradication.

The selected interns will be required to engage in daily ranch work with a focus on those activities that impact the management of the vegetative resource including invasive species. These activities may include direct control actions on invasives and the management of livestock under systems that foster strengthening native vegetation while discouraging the spread of invasives.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2022

How to apply: Send applications  to the Wyoming Stock Growers Association at P.O. Box 206, Cheyenne, WY 82003 or by e-mail: