Internship Opportunities, Vee Bar Guest Ranch

20 miles west of Laramie, WY

Job Title: Internship Opportunities

Organization: Vee Bar Guest Ranch

Location: 20 miles west of Laramie, WY

Organization Overview: The Vee Bar Guest Ranch is a family-owned and operated property that operates during the summer months as a world-renown guest ranch, and as a luxurious bed and breakfast the rest of the year.  Guests come to the Vee Bar in the summer to experience western culture and embark on a family adventure together.  Activities are designed to be family friendly, and employees are often a vital part of the success of these programs.  During the winter months, the Vee Bar caters to couples, families, and business groups to create packages that best suit their interests.  Activities like horseback riding, fishing, archery and hiking are some of the most highly sought.  Other groups might visit the Vee Bar to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or family reunion.

The Vee Bar is a unique employment/internship opportunity because of the diversity of operations taking place on the ranch and the staff’s high involvement in a variety of facets of ranch operations.  The Vee Bar is a hotel, restaurant, entertainment venue, and agriculture property all in one!  With a small staff and a tailored guest experience, students/employees are sure to get experience in a variety of ways, from marketing to range management, from culinary to hotel and restaurant management. 

Below are some of the opportunities that are available for the 2022 summer season and winter 2022/23 season:


The Vee Bar is seeking a student intern who is interested in gaining management and leadership skills through a summer internship opportunity.  Students studying hospitality can gain experience at the Vee Bar in a variety of ways.  In dining room service and accommodation services, students will learn the processes, coordination, and customer service skills needed to complete daily tasks.  Dining room duties involve a lot of customer service skills, communication skills between other employees, cooks, and guests.  Management experience can be acquired in a variety of ways and we work with student interns to determine the best way to accomplish their goals based on their interests.  In addition to a summer internship, the Vee Bar is seeking a dining room manager and an accommodations manager intern during the 2022/23 school year (beginning in September or October).


The Vee Bar relies heavily on communications, whether it’s part of coordinating with guests for their arrival, advertising, marketing, blogging, newsletters, talking on the phone to help a guest plan their visit to Wyoming, and much more!  In the past, communications students will work in the office at least three days per week with other weekly projects (such as writing newsletter articles, enhancing social media presence, and more).  Not only is communication with guests a key component of this position, but so is communication between other departments on the ranch.  Customer service skills, good oral and written communication skills, and organization are important for this position. 

Range Management:

The Vee Bar holds high standards in regard to keeping up with maintenance, keeping lawns mowed, grass trimmed, and cabins in working order.  Student interns will be responsible for the majority of the grounds-keeping so an eye for detail is important.  In addition, range management is important to the stewardship of the land.  Weed control and irrigation are both important ongoing jobs where student interns can gain experience.  We will work with student interns to determine a goal for the season, and it’s often a measurable goal since many of the results are visible!


The Kilmer’s, mangers of the Vee Bar hire a nanny for the summer months who may have the opportunity to continue into the fall as a part time or full-time employee.  In addition to duties for the family, this student intern may help coordinate activities and entertainment for guests’ kids at the ranch.  The Kilmer’s have four kids who range in age from 5 months to 11 years.  The nanny will help to provide structure to the kids on an almost-daily basis with planned educational activities.  The student will be responsible for planning 3-4 educational activities per week.  In addition to structured time, the nanny should be willing to participate in creative-play and spontaneous play on a daily basis.  Activities for guests’ kids are usually planned once or twice per week in the afternoons or evenings.  A student intern wishing to participate in this opportunity should be energetic, happy, engaging, flexible, patient, driven, and most importantly, love kids.


Culinary student interns will assist the head chef with meal preparations and execution, kitchen organization, and other tailored projects.  We work with culinary students to help them acquire cooking and baking experience as well as learn all facets of the kitchen operations.  Student interns need to be able to work independently, but also be able to take instruction.  Student interns interested in this position should have the desire to learn about many different aspects of restaurant operations, and should have a special interest in small-sized, less-corporate businesses.  The Vee Bar offers a tailored experience to guests which often includes catering to a variety of dietary needs.  The student intern, along with the chef, coordinates with guests during their visit to enhance their dining experience during their week at the ranch. 

Benefits: The Vee Bar pays a competitive wage which will be discussed during the interview process.  Season bonuses and food are included in addition to pay. Housing on the ranch may be available (first come, first serve).

How to Apply: For questions about these or other internship opportunities, feel free to contact the Vee Bar Guest Ranch.  To apply, please fill out an employment application which can be found on the Vee Bar’s website