Natural Resources Program Principal, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Cheyenne, WY

Job Title: Natural Resources Program Principal

Organization: Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Position Overview: This is a Natural Resources Program Principal in the Air Pollution Monitoring Program of the Air Quality Division (AQD) in Cheyenne. This position performs project management and analysis of ambient, meteorological, and air toxics monitoring from AQD’s statewide ambient air monitoring network as well as industrial monitoring networks; performs data analysis of ambient monitoring and air quality-related value monitoring data; communicates monitored data to internal DEQ and external audiences such as industry, federal agencies, and the public. This position also evaluates in-stack continuous monitoring systems (CMS), including continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), continuous opacity monitoring systems (COMS), and continuous parametric monitoring systems (CPMS) to determine compliance with permitted emissions limits or emission standards.

Duties: The listed functions are illustrative only and are not intended to describe every function which may be performed at the job level:

  • Develops, coordinates, performs environmental data assessments, audits/inspects and writes detailed reports.
  • Makes independent judgment of compliance through inspections/interpretations of regulations and reports.
  • Identifies compliance issues with state-wide entities.
  • From an environmental perspective: review, analyze, evaluate, and interpret technical air quality and meteorological data.
  • Analyzes air quality data for compliance with Ambient Air Quality Standards, trends, and episodic impacts.
  • Serve as project manager for projects including planning, business cases, contracting, as well as evaluation and processing of proposal documents, cost estimates, task orders, and invoices.
  • Makes recommendations with respect to the technical data and reports and enforcement issues.
  • Answers technical questions related to policies, procedures, and statutes.
  • Conducts and evaluates moderately complex modeling of pollutant transport in the environment.
  • Measures, monitors, regulates and manages resources and utilization according to applicable laws, regulations, and court decrees.
  • Represents the agency in meetings with various State, Federal, and private entities.
  • Makes presentations to various interest groups.
  • Conducts complex analysis of problems using data collected through physical measurement and inspection.
  • Collects, qualifies and publishes records using scientific equipment.
  • Mediates mid-level disputes between contractors and consultants.
  • Participates in the decision-making process at the mid-management level.
  • Manages multiple complex projects for ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring activities.
  • Analyzes complex environmental data and draws conclusions.
  • Applies professional judgment in interpreting formulas, templates, or standards as applied to technical data or information and makes recommendations based on results.


  • Knowledge of state-regulated industries such as oil and gas and mining.
  • Knowledge of ambient air quality and air quality-related value monitoring systems and analytical techniques.
  • Skill in evaluating complex technical data and conducting an environmental assessment. Strong analytical and mathematical skills relating to trends and statistical analysis.
  • Must possess strong communication skills and proficiency in explaining complex technical and/or regulatory issues and concerns to varied audiences.
  • Ability to prioritize and work simultaneously on multiple projects with various deadlines and objectives.
  • Ability to interpret rules and regulations and basic knowledge of QA/QC practices. Proficient with a wide variety of computer hardware and software.

Minimum Qualifications:
Education: Bachelor’s Degree (typically in The Sciences)
Experience: 1-2 years of progressive work experience (typically in The Sciences) with acquired knowledge at the level of a(n) Natural Resources Analyst
Education & Experience Substitution: 4-6 years of progressive work experience (typically in The Sciences) with acquired knowledge at the level of a(n) Natural Resources Analyst

Salary/pay: $4839.86-$6236.95 Monthly

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

How to Apply: Please click here to view the full job description as well as how to apply online