Jackson Hole Airport Internship, Jackson Hole Airservice Improvement Resources

Jackson, WY

Position Title: Jackson Hole Airport Internship

Organization: Jackson Hole Airservice Improvement Resources (JH AIR)

Location: Jackson, WY

Organization Overview:  JH AIR is a non-profit organization made up of business owners and community members who have a vested interest in stabilizing year-round commercial air service to and from Jackson, Wyoming. JH AIR holds a special event annually called the Airline Rendezvous.

The JH AIR Board, Jackson Hole Airport Board, airline partners, local leadership and State Representatives come together during the Airline Rendezvous to network and discuss future airline service and operations at JAC as well as infrastructure and service through other commercial Wyoming airports.

The Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), the only commercial service airport located entirely within a National Park, employs a team of Airport Hosts to help airport users’ way-find throughout our facility and answer any questions they may have about visiting our region. The host team also supports all other airport operations and stakeholders as needed to keep the facility running safely and efficiently.

Position Overview:  Intern will be responsible for planning and coordinating the Airline Rendezvous event with Kari Cooper, JH AIR Executive Director. Over 150 affiliates participate in the Rendezvous, and attendees have lodging, meetings, and special events in Teton Village and the town of Jackson. Intern will be responsible for coordination leading up to the event and dispatching information during the event. This position will support event organization and execution and will have a variety of tasks and duties during the Rendezvous.

In conjunction with this program, JAC also hires Host Ambassadors, which are typically high school-aged students. This job is most often the first job these students have held. Currently, the airport employs students as ambassadors to provide them with a basic customer service orientated skillset with the hope of hiring them as a full-time employee after they graduate from high school.

Intern is responsible for shadowing and working within the Host and Ambassador Programs to gain essential knowledge about both programs to create an official curriculum and career path for ambassadors. Ambassador hosts may not ultimately decide on a career as a host, but we want them to have all the tools they need to select any job offered at JAC or another airport of their choice.


Student must be enrolled in the University of Wyoming with preference given to students of the Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management Program.

Start/End Dates:  June 26 – August 31, 2023

Salary/Pay: $22 per hour

How to Apply: Email Dan McCoy at Dan.McCoy@uwyo.edu with interest and for more information on how to apply.