Bat Research Technicians, University of Wyoming

Laramie, WY

Position Title: Bat Research Technicians

Organization: University of Wyoming, & Bernard Research Lab

Location:  Laramie, WY

Organization Overview: Bernard Research Lab focuses on answering questions related to the conservation and persistence of wildlife. They work closely with natural resource agencies to help fill critical knowledge gaps in the ecology of cryptic species and species of greatest conservation need.

Position Overview:

Bats are an integral component in many ecosystems, providing valuable services such as agricultural pest control, pollination and seed dispersal, and human pest determent. Currently, numerous bat species in temperate North America are suffering from declining populations due to the reduction of roost
sites and foraging potential from habitat loss, wind energy development, climate change
and the introduction of disease. Although some information is known about critical
habitats and the behavior of various bat species in the eastern region of the continent,
much less is known about the general ecology and habitat needs of bats in western
North America. Therefore, conservation efforts targeting bats in the West often lack the
information necessary for making optimal management decisions and are typically
modeled after eastern bat species.

The Bernard Research Lab is recruiting up to three research technicians to capture and radio track species at risk of decline from WNS, as well as deploy and maintain passive acoustic detectors. The specific goals of
the project are to 1) determine what the seasonal use of bats on Camp Guernsey Joint
Military Base (Wyoming, USA), 2) locate and characterize roosts sites potentially used
by captured individuals, and 3) characterize habitat to determine important habitat and
microclimate components that may influence roost selection.

The technicians will be conducting research on Camp Guernsey Joint Military Base.
Lodging will be provided via camping at nearby state parks or national forest land or on
Camp Guernsey Joint Military Base. The project is funded by the Wyoming Military
Department and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Technicians will have opportunities to
interact with biologists from Wyoming Game and Fish and the Wyoming Military


  • Applicants for Lead Technician must be able to be federally permitted to capture and
    handle Myotis septentrionalis.
  • Working towards or already earned a BS/BA in biology, zoology, wildlife and fisheries
    science or related field.
  • Experience conducting field-based research.
  • Experience working collaboratively in teams as well as independently.
  • A valid driver’s license and ability to drive long distances to field sites
  • University of Wyoming Fleet vehicles can only be driven by individuals who have a
    valid driver’s license for over one year.


  • Experience or interest in studying bats, including radio tracking and vegetation
  • Rabies vaccinated.
  • Experience or interest in acoustic surveys.
  • Experience or interest in habitat management and conservation of imperiled species.

Start/End Dates: The ideal candidate would begin their field season in late April/early May
2023 and complete the season no later than October 2023, with time off during the field

Salary/Pay: $15 to $19 per hour

Application Deadline: January 31 2023

How to Apply: Submit a single PDF labeled as Lastname_TechApplication.pdf containing 1) a cover letter [this should include a description about your academic career thus far, why you are interested in this project or working with bats, and your career goals]; 2) the specific position you are applying for, e.g., Lead technician or Assistant technician; 3) a CV or resume; and 4) the name and contact information of 3 references. Applications or questions about the position should be sent to Dr. Riley Bernard at