Essential Oil Distillation Internship, Yerba Buena Farm

St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies

Organization: Yerba Buena Farm

Contact: Please contact Agape Adams by email or by phone (876-343-1121 or 876-318-7855) for more information.

Duties: As an intern, you will help us plan and make a schedule of plant collection.  Eventually, we might want to try each plant in different seasons to see how the oil composition changes, but for now, we will just do one distillation of each plant.  You will go around the area and prepare the plant material for distillation.  We will distill each plant until it’s clear that the distillation is complete, so be prepared for hours and hours of distillation!  You will find yourself making ice, cleaning the still and equipment, keeping excellent notes and interviewing local herbalists to get as much information on the local uses of each plant as possible.

Link to more information: To view past interns and their projects, click here.

How to apply: The application can be found here.