Sustainable Beekeeping Internship, Yerba Buena Farm

St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies

Organization: Yerba Buena Farm

Contact: Please contact Agape Adams by email or by phone (876-343-1121 or 876-318-7855) for more information.

Duties: On our farm, you will do everything related to the management of top bar hives, including building hives of different materials, sizes and uses; pollen traps; queen cages; and more.  We host a Bee Club based at the local primary school. You will help run the Bee Club activities – they meet every two weeks at our farm.  If we are in a honey flow during your internship period, you will raise queens.  You will help us manage the hives in our apiaries, and work with us to keep excellent records.

Link to more information: To view past interns and their projects, click here.

How to apply: The application can be found here.