Park Ranger, Bureau of Land Management

Vernal, UT

Organization: Bureau of Land Management

Duties: Park Rangers support the Bureau’s recreation program. They work with the public to provide information, conduct permit compliance, and safety inspections. They respond to emergency situations. They participate in evaluating visitor use patterns, preparing and maintaining recreation sites, and monitoring condition of sites and natural and cultural resources. In some locations some of the positions may be Park Ranger (Hike Leaders). Duties for these positions focus on guiding a variety of age groups on interactive, interpretive hikes that explore the natural and cultural history of a geological formation, and “Table Rocks.” Hike leaders develop educational displays, curriculum, and staff various educational events around the region. In some locations, some of the positions may be Park Ranger (Interpretative Center). Duties for these positions focus on interacting with a variety of age groups interpreting Center resources and presenting interpretive programs. Programs include orientation talks, interpretive programs, environmental education, conducted walks, demonstrations, and campfire programs. They develop and maintain interpretive materials and educational displays, and staff information desks.

Desired qualifications: 

GS-4 Park Ranger ($14-$15/hour) – 6 months of general and 6 months of specialized work experience. Examples of general experience may include working in any administrative, professional, technical, investigative, or other responsible field that provided you with a familiarity of natural or cultural history; fish or wildlife habitat characteristics; techniques of resource protection and use; recreational use of public lands and facilities; enforcement of laws, rules, or regulations; fire prevention techniques and fire suppression methods; or the practice of interpersonal relations skills in dealing with the general public. Examples of specialized experience may include working at a visitor center information desk answering visitor questions that are routine and repetitive pertaining to geographical location of campgrounds, picnic areas, boating areas and other recreational areas; serving as a lookout to detect and report fires, status of fires, and suspicious smoke; or answering visitor’s questions at an entrance station and explaining regulations covering common park use situations, such as campground reservations and rules, collection of fees and selling of permits. -OR- Successful completion of two years of education above high school with at least 12 semester hours of related course work. -OR- A combination of experience and education to meet total experience.

GS-5 Park Ranger ($15-$16/hour)- one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least GS-4 level. Examples of specialized experience may include explaining regulations to park visitors; providing information and advice on park activities and resources; collecting fees; issuing reservations and permits; conducting guided tour programs; maintaining recreation facilities or trails; or monitoring special recreation permits. -OR- Successful completion of four year course of study above high school leading to a bachelor’s degree with at least 24 semester hours of related course work. -OR- A combination of experience and education to meet total experience.

Salary/pay: $14-$16/hour

Link to more information: Find out more and apply by going to and searching for the following announcement numbers, Park Ranger: UT-TEMP-2018-0002, Park Ranger (River): UT-TEMP-2018-0014, Park Ranger (Visitor Use): UT-TEMP-2018-0016, Park Ranger (Interpretation): UT-TEMP-2018-0017.