Senior Lands Management Specialist, Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments

Cheyenne, WY

Organization: Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments

Duties: As a member in the Trust Land Management Division, this position is responsible for the effective management of natural resources and funds for current and future generations. This position provides subject matter expertise related to mineral management procedures and administration, including knowledge of applicable rules, regulations and statutes related to the management of approximately 3.9 million acres of State Trust Land sub-surface estate. Our culture will provide you with the opportunity for professional growth and a diverse experience that will help you further your career. The Senior Lands Management Specialist position provides a variety of tasks at a senior level in mineral lease administration, mineral lease bond management and oil and gas lease auction preparation. This position must possess a background and knowledge of mineral leasing principles, mineral development methods, policies, rules and regulations of the Board of Land Commissioners and the Office of State Lands and Investments, as well as techniques of land title research, and laws and regulations relating to mineral lease management.

Desired qualifications: 

  • Skills in evaluating, analyzing and interpreting legal land documents to affirm interests and rights owned by the State, i.e. units, communized areas, participating areas, etc.
  • Knowledge of major principles, concepts and practices in regards to Best Management Practices for oil and gas and other mineral development and production.
  • Knowledge of principles, concepts and practices in mineral lease management, administration, and bonding as well as site reclamation and bonding.
  • Knowledge of principles, concepts and practices of real estate laws, split estate laws, marketing, appraisal, transactions and negotiations.
  • Knowledge of and ability to read, research, interpret and apply Federal, State and Local laws and regulations as well as state policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of applicable Board of Land Commissioners’ Rules and Regulations as well as applicable State Statutes.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products, Google Suite products, GIS systems, and other related software.
  • Skilled in reading, interpreting, and plotting legal land descriptions.
  • Skilled in oral and written communication.

Salary/pay: $19.92-24.91 Hourly

Link to more information: View the full description and apply.