Larsh Bristol Photojournalism Fellowship

Organization: The Department of Communication & Journalism

Contact: Price Schultz at


    1. The project must focus on some aspect of photojournalism, whether it be a documentary, a research study, a compilation, etc. The project must culminate in a gallery show at its conclusion.
    2. The project should take place between Summer 2018 and Spring 2019. Ideally the project will be a one-semester endeavor, but it can span more than one semester. (Also,see bold statement at the end of the call).
    3. All UW students—both undergraduate and graduate—are eligible.
    4. The stipend can be used for a wide variety of purposes including tuition, travel, equipment, living expenses, etc.
    5. All proposals will be judged in a competitive process, and the recipient of the award will be notified in April. The recipient will be recognized at an awards banquet in May.

Salary/pay: $5,000 stipend

How to apply: The deadline for proposals is March 21, 2018. Proposals should be submitted to Cindy Price Schultz, Dept. of Communication & Journalism, University of Wyoming. All photos and text that are submitted must be hard copies. Electronic submissions will not be accepted. Proposals should include the following:

  1. A one- to two-page description of the project.
  2. A budget that provides some indication of how the funds will be used.
  3. A description of the type of work that will be displayed at the gallery show upon culmination of the project.
  4. Samples of the applicant’s photographic work are not required, but they are useful for the judges in the selection process.