Summer 2019 Forestry Technician Positions, USDA Forest Service – Duchesne/Roosevelt Ranger District

Duchesne, UT

Job Title: Forestry Technician
Organization: Ashley National Forest – Duchesne/Roosevelt Ranger District – for those who are interested in working with the agency, Duchesne offers a slightly less competitive option to get a foot in the door. Due to our remote location, we see fewer applicants and often don’t fill all of our positions. This is not for any lack of wonderful work in the area and with a schedule of 8 days on 6 days off options for travel on weekend are great! Crews work throughout the Duchesne/Roosevelt Ranger District, but are primarily tasked with preserving the character of, and maintaining public access to, the High Uintas Wilderness. We maintain over 500 miles of trail that access that abundant alpine lakes and stunning vistas that characterize this outstanding wilderness. This notably includes the highest point in Utah, Kings Peak, standing at 13,528 feet.
All positions for the summer 2019 season will be hired from September 10th through October 10th (this will be the only open window). This is an agency wide directive and impacts everyone from trails to range to wildlife and beyond. For anyone interested in working for the Forest Service in the near future, this is critical information.
More information about the Ashley National Forest can be found here:
More information about the wilderness can be found here:
Forestry Tech – (Trails)
Announcement Number: 19-TEMP-C14-TRAIL-4DT-PM
Forestry Tech – (Trails)
Announcement Number: 19-TEMP-C14-TRAIL-5DT-PM
Forestry Tech – (Wilderness)
Announcement Number: 19-TEMP-C14-WITR-4DT-PM
Forestry Tech – (Wilderness)
Announcement Number: 19-TEMP-C14-WITR-5DT-PM
Forestry Aid – (Recreation)
Announcement Number: 19-TEMP-C14-AIDGEN-3DT-PM
Questions: Contact Sam Wiswell, Wilderness/Trails Coordinator with questions:, 435-781-5230.