Outdoor Trip Leader/Intern, SOAR Camp

North Carolina, Florida, Wyoming, California

SOAR, Inc. provides equal opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

SOAR is an adventure summer camp for youth diagnosed with ADHD and other Learning Differences. Campers participate in expeditions ranging from 10-26 days. Our instructor’s primary responsibility will be to supervise campers during the length of the course while utilizing behavior management strategies and helping campers increase their self-esteem. SOAR is looking for individuals that have a passion working with ADHD/LD youth. Your own personal development, including the ability to demonstrate resilience, professionalism, and endurance, will be tested in entirely new ways.

Why you should work for SOAR:

1. To gain experience and training in working with special needs youth

2. To develop leadership and teaching experience in an area you will be working in the near future

3. To fulfill a requirement of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

4. To make a difference in the lives of youth that have had limited success and are looking for direction on what type of work that might entail

5. To find connections with other young adults who share your views and interests, professionally and personally, in the special education or therapeutic communities

6. To be part of a community that extends far, far beyond the reach of the summer season

SOAR is not a typical residential summer camp. Instructors work long days with youth with challenges. Working for SOAR will not be an easy summer. It’s not for people that just want to work on their hard skills or for someone that is not dedicated to the kids. It will, however, allow you to grow and learn with the campers in ways that you never thought possible. It will give you an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment as you have created an environment that our campers will remember for a lifetime.

Outdoor Trip Leader/Intern: Available: NC/FL: May 20 – August 16, 2019; WY/CA: May 25 – August 13, 2019


 Supervise a group of 7-8 students (2 staff per group), for 24 hours a day, on 10 to 26 day courses

 Demonstrate sound and safe decision making when facilitating adventure based expeditions

 Facilitate the development of life skills, organizational skills, self-esteem, problem-solving strategies, communication techniques, and social skills

 Develop rapport and facilitate behavior management strategies

 Assist in developing personal goals for each student

 Develop a comprehensive student evaluation at the end of each course

 Act as a role model for students by demonstrating maturity, responsibility, good organizational skills, and professional behavior.


 Minimum 19 years of age

 Current WFA and CPR certifications; Lifeguard required for FL and CA staff

 Experience and/or desire to work with LD and AD/HD youth

 Experience in and/or desire to learn outdoor adventure activities; strong organizational and time management skills preferred.

 Patience, energy, enthusiasm, flexibility, maturity, and integrity required

How to Apply: Complete a staff application on-line at www.https://soarnc.org/about-soar/employment-opportunities/ or contact Andrea Wackerle, SOAR, PO Box 388, Balsam, NC 28707, (828)456-3435, andrea@soarnc.org.