Precision Ag and Conservation Specialist, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever


Job Title: Precision Ag and Conservation Specialist

Organization: Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever

Type of opportunity: Quail Forever is seeking a highly motivated, dynamic and team-oriented individual with an equal parts passion for agriculture, precision technology, ag economics, and conservation. The employee will work in a joint capacity with Quail Forever, Cotton Incorporated, American Society of Agronomy and other partners as the lead member of the new Precision Ag for Working Lands Partnership. This position will work directly with farmers, trusted advisors, extension agents, and retail ag to conduct precision ag business analyses focused on sub-field economic performance (ROI and profit/acre) and then identify and help implement alternative practices and programs that increase quail and other wildlife habitat, soil and water conservation outcomes simultaneously with improving profitability. The employee will provide growers and ag partners with one-on-one technical software support and training to integrate economic analysis tools, precision ag platforms, and decision-making processes. While the position will focus in Georgia, he/she will provide leadership and support for jump-starting precision ag programs in the larger cotton and quail range from Texas to Tennessee to the Carolinas. The Specialist will also serve on a national Precision Ag team for PF/QF helping guide and shape the organization’s precision ag initiative. The strongly preferred location for the employee is southern Georgia and ability to travel regionally will be required.

Contact:  Ryan Heiniger, Director of Agriculture & Conservation Innovations, or 319.768.8348


  • Collaborate with growers to provide exceptional precision ag technical support using platforms with sub-field profit/ROI analytics including but not limited to AgDNA, EFC Systems, MyJohnDeere, Granular, etc.
  • Lead the identification and engagement of growers in coordination with input from partners.
  • Develop and present sound and ethical business performance scenarios for best management practices to increase profitability while providing water, soil and wildlife benefits.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with agricultural partners with a particular focus on Certified Crop Advisers and John Deere dealerships in this larger geography.
  • Facilitate a high-level of communication between the grower starting with listening to understand
  • The producer needs and goals to subsequently provide exceptional customer service and results
  • Assist with referring producers and agronomists requesting alternative options to appropriate QF/PF colleagues, local USDA service center or other local partners.
  • Organize and host workshops, field days, exhibit at farmer shows and conduct other outreach efforts to amplify partnership results and recruit new participants.
  • Track, compile and report accomplishments for partnership accountability and growth

Desired qualifications:

  • Strong customer relation and interpersonal skills, ability to communicate effectively, and excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to make initial contacts and develop new relationships.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently from home office without direct supervision.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of modern farm equipment, technology and agronomic and conservation practices specific within cotton and quail range.
  • Commitment to maintaining standards and address issues in a timely, professional manner.
  • Working knowledge of common conservation programs and practices in Working Lands for Wildlife geography.
  • Proven experience with precision Ag Software and ArcGIS or other mapping software with a focus on MyJohnDeere and Deere Operations Center.
  • Valid driver’s license required; use of personal vehicle required (mileage reimbursement provided).

Start and end dates: April 1, 2019 (Full-time position)

Salary/pay: Compensation commensurate with experience + Health Benefits and Retirement Package.
How to apply:  Visit our website at

Application deadline: March 1, 2019