Botany Internship, Bureau of Land Management

Meeker, CO

Job Title: BLM Botany Internship in NW Colorado – deadline extended!

Organization: Bureau of Land Management/Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

Location: Meeker, CO

Duties: Seeking individuals with strong plant identification skills through either coursework or experience for priority conservation projects in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management. For more information visit our website, or e-mail

Service Details:
Provides botanical or soils expertise to the project. Botany specialist will be primarily responsible for completing the species inventory, maintaining and tracking botanical specimens of known and unknown species throughout the field season and keep records updated as needed. The soil specialist will be primarily responsible for soil stability and pit characterization, collect soils found throughout the field office to develop and maintain a unique soil library for the field office, and providing guidance on soil texturing techniques to the crew. Both crew members will serve closely with the crew lead to discuss and come to consensus of which ecological site or soil series the plot falls on.

Program Overview:
Members will serve on a 3-person crew (one crew lead mentor and two technicians) to monitor vegetation communities on BLM lands. Members will visit randomized points across range and forested lands and follow specific monitoring protocols using the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) methodology. More information on the BLM’s AIM Strategy can be found at: Within each plot, all plants are identified to species level; Line-Point Intercept, GAP and Soil Stability measurements are taken along three 25m transects; and soil layers to a 70cm depth are described. Data is entered electronically at the plot using computer tablets. Data collected through the AIM Strategy will be used in land management decisions, evaluating land health, addressing concerns with T&E species and supporting BLM’s mission.

General Duties
● Collect vegetation data using Line Point Intercept (LPI) methods
● Assist in plant identification at each plot by using dichotomous keys
● Press and document unknown plant species to be identified back at the office
● Assist digging holes to a depth of 70 cm and record soil layers, textures and hues
● Measure canopy gap and herbaceous heights at frequent intervals along a transect line
● Record quality data and routinely do quality data checks
● Endure long periods of standing, bending, crouching, or stooping
● Orienteering using maps, GPS units, iPhone Collector App (ARCGIS)


  • Ability to attend AIM Method Training (May 13th-17, Grand Junction)
  • Experience with ArcGIS Online Interface and 1-2 years experience with using taxonomic keys
  • College Graduate with a degree in ecology, botany, range science, soil science, wildlife biology, natural resource management, conservation biology, or a related field.
  • Valid Driver’s License with clean driving record, ability to drive a 4×4 truck on 2-track roads or the willingness to learn
  • Ability to serve in and respond to adverse weather conditions including extreme heat, monsoonal rains and hazardous wildlife (i.e. rattlesnakes, scorpions) while carrying a heavy pack over uneven terrain
  • Applicant must be self-motivated and able to serve as a member of a small team as well as independently
  • Since tasks can be tedious, having a good work ethic is essential
  • Previous knowledge of AIM or Indicators of Rangeland Health and basic knowledge in Rocky Mountain Flora and botanical terminology is highly preferred
  • U.S. Citizenship or permission to work in the US
  • Must be 16 to 30 years old at the start of the service opportunity – This position is supported by the Public Lands Hiring Authority which requires candidates to be between the ages of 16 to 30
  • Members will need to pass a Federal Background check prior to working

Start/End dates: 4/27/19 or 5/10/19 – 10/15/19

Salary/pay: $520/week, weekly food stipend, Americorps Education Award of $2255.24 upon successful completion of the season, Wilderness First Aid Certification

How to apply & application deadline: Send resume, cover letter, and a copy of transcripts to by 4/4/19

More details can be found on our website,