Internship, Westgate Sports and Trading Post

Laramie, WY

Job Title: Internship

Organization: Westgate Sports and Trading Post

Type of opportunity: Westgate Sports is a seasonal business (Nov. to April). The primary focus of the business is to rent, service, and sell skis, snowboards, snow shoes, and cross-country ski equipment and accessories. The business is a sole proprietorship. Westgate is interested in developing and hosting an internship for a student.They are seeking a student who wishes to obtain credit for a practical work experience in a small business that meets the expectations for ORTM internship credit at UW. Position only available to ORTM students.

Duties: As part of this internship, the individual will be trained to manage the entire store and shop area. They will also learn to sharpen, tune, and wax skis and snowboards. The student will be expected to possess organizational skills to maintain inventory, run a cash register, and help fit customers often unfamiliar with ski equipment. The student will also be expected to help maintain a tidy store. Westgate is very busy during Christmas and spring breaks so the individual would be needed during this time.

Salary/pay: Westgate’s pay and benefits are negotiable and are performance based. Students may apply to me personally at the store.

How to apply: For further information, please contact Westgate Sports directly.

Lewis Shinstine


Westgate Sports and Trading Post

1979 Snowy Range

Laramie, Wyoming 82070