Assistant Project Leader, Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association

Sitka, AK

Job Title: Assistant Project Leader

Organization: Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association

Type of opportunity: Deer Lake is a remote rearing facility operated by Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (NSRAA), providing increased fishing opportunities for the common property fisheries of Northern Southeast Alaska. Deer Lake has typically been in the top 5 contributors of coho to the S.E. Alaska troll fleet. Current production at the lake is ~2.8 million fingerlings. The remote field camp at Deer Lake is composed of a treehouse cabin at Deer Lake and a float house anchored in salt water in Mist Cove adjacent to Chatham Strait. Both accommodations have modern (albeit rustic) amenities.

Duties: The Deer Lake Assistant Project Leaderposition will work under the direction of the project leader and will share responsibility for the oversight and performance of any and all aspects of fish culture and project operations. The position will provide fish culture direction as well as supervision, direction, and leadership to all temporary employees, and will be expected to actively participate in facility development and management. This position will require the operation of hatchery-related equipment: generators, water pumps, chainsaws, power tools, hand tools, brush cutters, fish counters, fish pumps, and other associated apparatus. The successful candidate will be expected to develop an understanding of the projects various aspects, including smolt weir installation and operation, trail maintenance, work float construction, engine maintenance and repair, and many other non-science related jobs. Candidates must be willing to divide their time per month between ~21 days working at Deer Lake and ~7 days in Sitka. Chartered float plane flights between Sitka and Deer Lake are paid for with project funds. While in Sitka between field trips, employees are asked to spend a few hours preparing food and supplies for their return trip to camp; otherwise, time in Sitka is typically spent at the employee`s discretion.

Desired qualifications: BS degree in a fisheries/aquaculture-related field, or two-year Associates Degree in an aquaculture-related field; minimum of nine months fish culture experience required. The preferred candidate will have a background in fish culture techniques, fry and smolt rearing, fish disease prevention and recognition, data collection and recording methods, basic equipment operation (pressure washers, pumps, hydraulic blocks, etc.), basic carpentry skills, and have a willingness to do any chore necessary, no matter how unpleasant. Candidates must be willing and able to live and work cooperatively in tight quarters while creating a positive environment among other staff in a remote setting; good communication skills are essential. Additionally, sound physical fitness is necessary due to the physical component of project work (i.e., ability to carry 50 lbs. for distances up to 100 yards or regularly hike ½ mile over steep terrain carrying loads of at least 40 lbs.). Demonstrated experience handling small boats is required, along with a willingness to develop a working knowledge of knots and rigging.

Start and end dates: April 1, 2020

Salary/pay: Competitive salary range for this position will fall within the range provided ($40,000-$50,000 per year, dependent upon experience). Additional benefits include: medical/dental insurance, annual/sick leave accrual, a 401A retirement program after an initial vesting period, and room & board while at camp.

Link to more information: NSRAA Deer Lake Assistant Project Leader

How to apply: Interested individuals should send the following information by either FAX, email (preferred), or snail mail: (1) a detailed resume describing pertinent work experience and/or education; (2) the names and contact information (email is ideal) for at least three references familiar with the applicant’s work experience/performance (non-relatives, please). In addition, candidates must (3) complete an official NSRAA application for employment. NSRAA’s official application may be obtained either by calling NSRAA’s administrative office at (907) 747-6850, or through NSRAA’s Web-site: All inquiries and materials should be directed to Adam Olson (e-mail is preferred whenever possible) via one of the following means of contact:

Adam Olson

1308 Sawmill Creek Road

Sitka, AK 99835

(907) 747-6850

FAX (NSRAA Administrative Office): (907) 747-1470

Application deadline: March 13, 2020