Fellowship, Climate Education, Communication, & Outreach Stakeholders Community


Job Title: ECOS Fellowship

Organization: Climate Education, Communication, & Outreach Stakeholders Community

Overview: ECOS Fellows are volunteers who spend 4-6 hours each week working on high impact projects that meet the strategic goals of ECOS and advance sustainability and informed climate action around the world. Fellows are selected on an ongoing basis and should be familiar with the goals and background of ECOS.

Duties: ECOS, the United Nations Climate Change Education, Communication and Outreach Community, serves as a network of networks, supporting capacity-building for governments and civil society, including non-governmental organizations and education institutions, to inform and involve the public in developing and deploying responses to climate change. 

The Organizational Catalog Fellowship involves working closely with ECOS leadership to develop a database of organizations directly or indirectly involved with climate education, communication and outreach. In the Fall of 2020, the Fellowship will focus on identifying and recording in a spreadsheet organizations, including their location, website, key contact information, scope and focus, beginning in Australia and Southeast Asia.

The Fellow will collect and organize the listings of organizations, including NGOs, Education institutions, and key institutions and leadership, reviewing on a weekly basis with the ECOS contact to discuss and revise formatting and annotations. 

Important background information for the Fellow candidates to be aware of is the background and goals of ECOS, and the Powers of 10 approach, which uses a social framework of the ten orders of magnitude between a single individual and the nearly 10 billion people on the planet. A recent paper in Environmental Research Letters and a related essay, Powers of 10 to the People, provide details on this approach, which will be used to estimate the scope and reach of the organizations being cataloged. 

How to apply: Please contact mark@climateecos.org with a description of your background and interest in this effort.