Conservation Field Technician, Crook County Natural Resource District

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Job Title: Conservation Field Technician

Organization: Crook County Natural Resource District

Type of Opportunity: The Crook County Natural Resource District (CCNRD) is seeking a highly motivated individual with a background and education in water ecology, watershed management, range science or other related natural resource field. This position is responsible for gathering, interpreting, and analyzing surface water and soil data and assisting with the submittal of quarterly and annual reports, reimbursement requests, and other natural resource-based documents. Applicants will also be expected to coordinate with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and other stakeholders to implement agreements with landowners for soil health, range, and water improvement projects. In addition to field work, applicant must be computer proficient, especially skilled with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; QuickBooks, ArcGIS and GPS skills are desirable. The position also requires the ability to communicate in a clear, concise manner for public presentations and activities, as well as monthly meetings with elected officials.

The Conservation Field Technician is a non-exempt, at-will employee of the CCNRD. This position is part-time, approximately 20-29 hours per week. Hourly wage is dependent upon educational level, skill level, and experience. Dependent upon educational background and experience, this position could entail future full-time employment (and negotiable benefits), with program-level management responsibilities. Exact work schedule will be established between the Board of Supervisors and the successful applicant. Applicant must be self-directed, possess the ability to communicate with the public, and work closely with an interdisciplinary team to promote and protect the natural resources of Crook County.


  • Conduct day to day office activities, greet customers, answer phone calls, emails, producer/natural resource-based questions, assist with updating social media sites, manage computer files, file hard copies, and order supplies as needed.
  • Implement CCNRD programs with the assistance of Program Coordinators. Assist Program Coordinators in maintaining up to date program guidance documents including, but not limited to quality assurance plans, sampling analysis plans, range and water improvement project ranking criteria, financial assistance rate sheets, and other documentation associated with landowner agreements.
  • Collect and analyze water quality samples under an approved sampling plan; maintain meters and other equipment necessary to collect samples by performing routine calibrations as specified in the CCNRD’s Sampling Analysis Plan and/or manufacturer recommendations.
  • Inventory and order water quality sampling supplies as needed.
  • Coordinate with Program Coordinators and state staff to complete an annual field audit of water quality sampling program (i.e. meter calibrations and sample collection, including handling and preservation of samples) to ensure compliance with CCNRD and state protocols.
  • Work closely with other CCNRD staff and the NRCS to meet the needs of landowners interested in receiving financial assistance for soil health, range, and water improvement projects. Assist the CCNRD Program Coordinators and NRCS to evaluate and rank projects, present them to the CCNRD Board of Supervisors, meet with landowners to secure agreements, and conduct post-project site visits to complete evaluations.
  • Assist in implementing the soil health improvement program and collect soil samples.
  • Plan and deliver environmental outreach/education events and opportunities to the community (in coordination with other entities and CCNRD staff). Attend meetings and/or trainings at the request of the Board.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: A minimum two-year degree in biology, natural resource management, range science or other related natural resource field is preferred for the part-time Conservation Field Technician although a combination of college coursework and experience will be considered. Consideration for a full-time Conservation Field Technician requires a Bachelor’s Degree in biology, water ecology, watershed management, range science or other related natural resource field, and a minimum of three years of experience implementing environmental programs and education or natural resource conservation projects and grants management. Successful applicant must also complete WACD Water Sampling Certification and WACD Employee Training within a specified timeframe as defined upon employment. 

Salary/pay: $14.25-$20.00 per hour

Application Deadline: February 26 at noon, or until filled

Anticipated Dates: April 5- September 30

How to Apply: For the full job description and application click here