Student Worker, van Diepen-Soil Microbial Ecology Lab

University of Wyoming

Job Title: Student Worker

Organization: van Diepen-Soil Microbial Ecology Lab

Type of Opportunity: The Soil Microbial Ecology Lab (van Diepen Lab) in the ESM department is looking for a student worker to assist with ongoing graduate students’ and postdocs’ research projects and general laboratory processes.  The student will be assisting with microbiology and soil-related research and students will have opportunity to learn many different techniques.  Individuals should have attention to detail and the ability to work independently.  Applicants with availability for summer work and next academic year are encouraged to apply. Depending on the individual’s interest and experience, there are possibilities for independent projects that could count for credits as undergraduate research or internship.

Duties: Duties may include general laboratory housekeeping, weighing, measuring, recording data, taking regular plant measurements and watering, soils processing, microbiology methods to include media prep, culturing, use of sterile technique, and molecular methods such as DNA extraction and PCR.

Time: Hours can vary between 10-25 hrs/week, and up to 40 in the summertime, with often flexible work hours depending on the student’s class schedule.

How to apply: Email an attached resume to Amanda Dougherty (  Questions may be directed to Amanda or Linda van Diepen (