EcoLeader Community Research Fellow, National Wildlife Federation


Job Title: EcoLeader Community Research Graduate Student Fellowship

Organization: National Wildlife Federation

Overview: In spring of 2014, the National Wildlife Federation launched the EcoLeaders Program to help students and young professionals develop sustainability leadership skills and secure great jobs that help the planet. The EcoLeaders leadership and career development program advances a proven model of leadership for sustainability. NWF’s EcoLeaders take five steps towards their personal leadership and career goals:

  • Declare an EcoMission
  • Launch a project
  • Support others
  • Earn certification
  • Create a personalized career plan

NWF provides EcoLeaders with a Career Center and annual online EcoCareers Conference to facilitate the development of personalized sustainability career plans, learning about trends and opportunities in green careers, connecting with employers, and sharpening job skills.

Fellowship Description: In an effort to better serve the NWF EcoLeaders community, the NWF EcoLeader Community Fellows will support the growth and development of EcoLeaders and EcoCareers programs based on research of best practices in related leadership and career development programs, the advancement of equity and justice principles, stakeholder engagement, and the development of new or revised content. The specific goals and deliverables of the Fellowship will be determined based on the interests and strengths of the Fellows, as expressed in their fellowship applications. Fellowship applications should address one or more of the following goals:

  • Revision and development of content resources such as EcoTopic pages or Career Center content. This would include research and writing.
  • Research other national-scale educational initiatives and suggest best practices in program design to ensure fair and equitable impacts and benefits for communities of color and low-income communities. This would include research and writing.
  • Research technologies and strategies for building, growing, and enhancing vibrant and diverse virtual communities. This would include research and writing.
  • Surveying diverse college and university stakeholder groups (highlighting historically marginalized communities) to determine areas of need for further resource development. This would include phone outreach, online survey development, distribution and analyzation.
  • Surveying current and potential EcoLeaders community members to determine areas for improvement of user experience. This would include phone outreach, online survey development, distribution and analyzation.


  • Register and maintain an active personal profile and presence on NWF EcoLeaders community, and promote to personal network.
  • Create project plan for a 4-6 month Fellowship term based on agreed upon Fellowship goal.
  • Coordinate with 1-2 other EcoLeaders Fellows to share ideas, progress, and cohesion.
  • Assist the NWF EcoLeaders team with additional duties as assigned.
  • Develop a summary report of findings and programmatic recommendations

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Participate in a Fellowship kick-off call – date TBD
  • Participate in periodic phone check-ins with NWF staff about project status and responsibilities
  • Submit biweekly project updates throughout the Fellowship detailing the progress you have made and plans for the duration of your Fellowship

Desired Qualifications: 

  • Motivated by values of equity and responsibility to those most marginalized.
  • Dedicated to deepening understanding of cultural and systemic racism and the intersectionality of multiple forms of social inequality.
  • Demonstrates awareness of positional power and privilege (both personally and professionally) and its attendant impacts.
  • Consistently brings a high level of empathy and social skills to work and interpersonal interactions
  • Demonstrates awareness of the attributes associated with a white dominant culture and takes actions to dismantle hierarchies of oppression within that culture. 
  • Must be a strategic thinker, self-starter, well organized, strong communicator, and relationship builder.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, initiative and energy is critical to success.
  • Must have a passion for and commitment to NWF’s mission.

Perks and Privileges:

  • $5,500 stipend
  • Professional development resources, assistance, and networking
  • Possibility of academic credit for successful completion of the project, as an independent study or integration of fellowship project into course curricula

Application Deadline: April 21

How to apply: Click here to view the full application requirements as well as to apply