Center for Environmental Justice Program Manager, Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

Job Title: Center for Environmental Justice Program Manager

Organization: Colorado State University

Position Overview: The Program Manager is a temporary position that will provide administrative and program development leadership for the Center for Environmental Justice. The Center will be a centralized space for faculty and practitioners working on environmental justice; it will facilitate and undertake research; organize and undertake teaching and training and other educational aspects of environmental justice; and provide opportunities for community-university collaborations on environmental justice issues. The Program Manager is a part-time position in the College of Liberal Arts and is expected to last for at least one full year.


  • Administration 40%
    • Track and manage a current annual budget of $60,000 (including CEJ staff salaries), and make recommendations to the CEJ Steering Committee Chair regarding budget decisions and how to best allocate funds.
    • Oversee and manage contributions to the website, social media accounts, and eventual blog, including designing and writing content (requiring some familiarity with web design).
    • Supervise student hourlies and interns working for the Center for Environmental Justice.
    • Write job descriptions for internal hires (interns, graduate fellows) and evaluate applicants
    • Organize and budget all events, including a regular (rotated) EJ Conference, periodic EJ Symposia, and any Roundtables, Java & Justice events, trainings, and others as they are announced (overlaps with research).
    • Occupies a full contributing position in the Center’s Council to ensure first-hand knowledge of center needs and priorities. Tasks will include scheduling and attending meetings, organizing attendees, helping create the agenda, and keeping notes and organizational history. 
  • Research and Grantwriting 25%
    • Work on engagement and outreach with EJ researchers at CSU and community practitioners to identify research needs and collaborative research partnerships
    • Identify and write grants, lead various research projects overseen by the CEJ, write and review reports for quality
    • Contribute to Center reports and research/community projects, when necessary. These tasks will vary depending on the needs of the CEJ and community partners, but will include composing, revising, and editing annual reports, documents for stakeholders and meetings, and other content; disseminating policy briefs or similar white paper documents and/or preparing peer-reviewed documents for submission; and designing, implementing, and maintaining relationships and projects with other researchers and community partners.
    • Maintain some intellectual ownership and contribution to the Center (to be determined by the Steering Committee).
  • Teaching and Curriculum/Training 20%
    • Conduct feasibility research and coordinate the development and operation of teaching and training programs, starting with a graduate level Certificate
    • Identify and write curriculum development grants
    • Organize, run, and facilitate any EJ symposia/conferences, training or certification days or events
    • Focus on related outreach and engagement, including cultivating relationships with faculty and practitioners and in recruiting students for internal and external internship positions and experiential learning opportunities
    • Cultivate relationships with faculty, practitioners, and students working on EJ issues
  • Development 15%
    • Work with CLA and University Development to identify and reach out to potential donors
    • Identify and write development grants
    • Engage, network, and perform outreach with various stakeholders, from the CSU community, EJ practitioners and community partners, and global members of the EJ academic community
    • Meet with stakeholders in affiliated departments, the University, and broader community to identify partnership opportunities and enhance our visibility.

Required Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree
  • Demonstrated experience managing day-to-day activities of a small organization
  • Experience in organizational management
  • Experience in budget management and oversight
  • Demonstrated experience interacting with a variety of stakeholders and collaborative teams
  • Demonstrated experience with community engagement and outreach
  • Demonstrated experience in grant-writing and fundraising in higher education, non-profit, philanthropic, and/or the government.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A PhD or other terminal graduate degree is preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience designing and implementing mixed methods research
  • Demonstrated experience teaching, designing curriculum, and/or social science training.
  • Current experience with environmental, equity, and/or social justice issues
  • Ability to assist with organizational mapping and governance structure creation
  • Highly motivated and adept team builder and leader
  • Ability to schedule, organize, and attend all Steering Committee meetings, events, and Council meetings
  • Desire to participate in developing the Center’s vision, programming, and training materials
  • Passionate about building a better world

Salary/pay: $60,000

Application Deadline: April 19

How to apply: Please click here to apply and to view the full job description