Field Assistant, University Research Project

Laramie, WY

Position Title: Field Assistant

Position Overview: Kayla Young, a first-year MS student, will be mapping in the Medicine Bow Mountains this summer/early fall. Currently, they are looking to hire a field assistant for this work. There are funds to pay an assistant for their time as well as cover per diem, lodging, travel, etc. There is also plenty of opportunity for a field assistant to carve out their own research project using some of the samples collected! Ideally, the student would have taken Mineralogy and Petrology, but can be flexible on this. The field assistant will be paid hourly and a per diem for the entire summer (about 50-60 days of field work). Kayla will be doing all the driving as well, depending on Covid regulations regarding social distancing, so that won’t be an additional cost. his will be a great opportunity to learn how to do geologic mapping and to learn more about field geology in a beautiful area. Additionally, this project is going to focus on characterizing some historic Au + Cu ± Pt/Pd mineralization, so if you have any interest in economic geology, this could help you gain experience in that area. 

Weekly Schedule: Currently, the plan is work in the field 4 days a week, then do some office work on the fifth day. The field assistant will likely help prepare rock samples from the field during this office day. If possible, there may be camping out in the Medicine Bows three nights a week to save from some driving. Camping gear can be provided if needed. The schedule may be flexible depending on weather as well. 

How to Apply: Please email by the end of the week to set up a time to discuss the opportunity more, as well as address any questions or concerns