Research Scientist, UW Wyoming Natural Diversity Database

Laramie, WY

Position Title: Research Scientist 

Organization: University of Wyoming Diversity Database

Position Overview: This position is the Ecology Program Manager for the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database at the University of Wyoming, The Ecology Program Manager provides scientific and administrative leadership to the WYNDD Ecology program, and is responsible for producing, maintaining, and improving core ecological products served by the WYNDD central information system.  The thematic focus of the position is on Wyoming ecological communities – e.g., landcover types, ecological systems, “habitats” – with an emphasis on plant composition as affected by soils, hydrology, climate, and disturbance.  The Ecologist works as a member of a cohesive WYNDD team and contributes to the success of the full unit.


  • Identify, produce, and improve core products such as ecosystem abstracts, habitat status rankings, lists of useful digital landcover layers, and protocols for practical ecological sampling and measurement in Wyoming.
  • Maintain the administrative viability of the WYNDD Ecology program via acquisition of external funding, budgeting and budget forecasting, and work planning and prioritization.
  • Build and maintain professional relationships with natural resource personnel in Wyoming and the region; discover, plan, and produce information products of use to them.  Important themes include wetland and riparian ecosystems; non-native species as community elements and change vectors; restoration/ reclamation of disturbed sites; and effects of climate change on Wyoming ecosystems.
  • Design, propose, and conduct externally-funded research and outreach projects that answer critical questions for resource managers in Wyoming, and contribute to WYNDD core products and services.  Hire, train, and supervise assistants and technicians – and collaborate with contractors and co PI’s – as needed to complete projects successfully.
  • Cooperate closely with other WYNDD programs and personnel, with a common goal of developing and maintaining the utility of the central information system and promoting WYNDD generally.       
  • Communicate the accomplishments and plans of the WYNDD Ecology program, and WYNDD at-large, to a diverse set of partners through meetings, presentations, report writing, and data visualizations, including especially the production of useful maps and summary documents.
  • Participate thoughtfully in unit management tasks expected of all WYNDD employees, including participation in monthly staff meetings, contribution to Advisory Committee reports and events, involvement in the annual WYNDD Partners Meeting, and maintenance of the WYNDD projection spreadsheets and similar planning tools. 

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Master’s Degree in ecology or a related field.
  • 3 years of demonstrated experience and success conducting ecological research.
  • Familiarity and experience with statistical methods for quantitative analysis.
  • Experience using GIS to plan and conduct ecological research, and to analyze and present data.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
  • Practical experience with common computer hardware (e.g., desktop/ laptop, tablet, GPS) and software (e.g., MS Office suite; Zoom and other remote conferencing systems). 
  • Valid driver’s license with a motor vehicle record (MVR) that is compliant with the University Vehicle Use Policy

Desired Qualifications:

  • Strong knowledge of and experience with Rocky Mountain ecosystems, landscapes, and vegetation.
  • Proven ability to recognize Rocky Mountain plants in the field, and key them to species.
  • Experience measuring, describing, and summarizing the vegetation of landcover types, communities, habitats, and similar units.
  • Demonstrated success acquiring funding for, managing, and completing ecological research projects, including hiring, training, and supervising technicians, and planning field travel and housing.  
  • Experience designing and using data collection templates and using databases
  • Familiarity with remote sensing and its applications.
  • Experience with the mission and functioning of State Natural Heritage Programs.

How to apply: Please click here to view the full job description as well as how to apply 

Application Deadline: May 30