AmeriCorps GIS Assistant, National Park Service

Lakewood, CO

Position Title: GIS Assistant

Organization: National Park Service

Position Overview:  Provide an assessment of Facility Management Software System (FMSS) asset location information and relative natural resource hazards to ensure NPS information is correct and up to date. Incumbent will update geospatial information to established standards and provide metadata to identify source/accuracy. This information will be used to evaluate potential effects of climate change and natural hazards on NPS facilities and help ensure investments include accurate information for adaptation and resiliency. This position will address the need to align climate change and natural resource hazards with facilities and assets managed by the NPS across the country. Natural resource hazards include flooding/floodplain identification, unstable slope/landslides, sea level rise and storm surge, and wildfire. Water supply locations and delivery infrastructure status are needed to help ensure protection of water resources and water security for parks. Billions of dollars are currently being invested in NPS facilities and the incumbent will help identify information that protects those investments and national park resources


Qualifications: GIS and geospatial coursework and experience, ability to work with large databases, attention to detail, familiar with natural resource hazards and agencies focused on developing information related to hazards like climate change, flooding, landslides, and wildfire.

Start Date: October 1 

Timeline: 52 weeks

Salary/pay: $525/week = $27,300

How to apply & application deadline: To view the full job description as well as how to apply, click here