Conservation Programs Coordinator, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF)

Rocky Mountain Region

Position Title: Conservation Programs Coordinator 

Organization: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF)

Location: Rocky Mountain Region

Essential Functions:

  • Perform and manage functions related to the overall implementation of RMEF’s Project Advisory Committee (PAC) grant program including: fielding inquiries from prospective grantees, disseminating forms, preparing pre-PAC meeting memos, processing project approval information, notifying successful applicants, reviewing contracts/collection agreements and routing for appropriate signature(s), mission database data entry, maintaining manual and electronic filing systems, and monitoring PAC budget. Keep PAC member contact information current.
  • Perform functions related to RMEF’s State Grant program including: fielding inquiries from prospective grantees, processing approved project proposals, notifying successful applicants, mission database data entry, maintaining manual and electronic filing systems, monitoring State Grant Program budget, soliciting and processing project completion reports and photos. Coordinate closely with Hunting Heritage Program Manager and Field Staff on deadlines, policies, and questions to ensure program implementation.
  • Coordinate and track PAC meetings established by field staff. Attend PAC meetings to represent RMEF when necessary and upon special request. Preparation of PAC grants, status memos, PAC proposal worksheets, project proposal maps, prior to PAC meetings. Communicate organization policy related to PAC.
  • When necessary and prior to PAC meetings, seek the review of PAC projects by the Director Habitat Stewardship and other staff to ensure that projects meet the RMEF mission.
  • Act as staff person to the National Project Review Committee. Prepare Post PAC status memos and correspondence for the Committee’s review and schedule NPRC meetings.
  • Process departmental and project expenditures to include check requisition preparation and authorization, transaction record keeping, correspondence, vendor inquiry responses, and communications with RMEF accounting department for PAC and State Grant programs, TFE projects, Lands Dept. contractors, etc.
  • Query the projects database and generate reports to accurately and efficiently respond to requests from RMEF staff, members, volunteers, project partners, the media and general public for project activity details and organizational mission accomplishment information, redirecting inquiries to internal and external sources when appropriate.
  • Work closely with the Lands & Conservation Information Manager to ensure accurate and effective communications regarding mission accomplishments associated with RMEF’s Lands & Conservation programs (Lands, PAC and State Grants, etc.) and that document/project naming, tracking and reporting systems are cohesive across RMEF programs. Working with other department staff, complete project marketing materials and distribute to volunteers, donors, and staff.
  • Serve as the back-up for the Mission Data Specialist. Serve as backup to other members of the department as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:
Must have two to five years progressive experience in a natural resources field. A bachelor’s degree is preferred in natural resources/wildlife management/biology or a similar field.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  • Knowledge and support of RMEF mission, goals, organizational structure and activities.
  • Knowledge of wildlife management, habitat management, and project/conservation planning.
  • Must be extremely detail oriented and accurate and be able to process a large volume of transactions efficiently.
  • Ability to communicate professionally and effectively both with written and verbal communication.
  • Ability to communicate effectively to groups of individuals and conduct professional presentations upon request.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize numerous tasks with conflicting deadlines, demonstrate flexibility as priorities and deadlines change. Ability to track timelines and meet deadlines.
  • Interact as a functioning, cooperative team player this includes the ability to cross train with other members of the department.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of accounting, Microsoft Office and relational databases is required.
  • Thorough knowledge of office practices, procedures and equipment.
  • Must demonstrate consistent good judgment and high customer service ethic.
  • Ability to work independently without frequent direct supervision.
  • Must present self in a professional manner.

Physical Demands:
The employee must sit or stand for long periods of time; use a computer terminal; reach forward and to the side; bend from both standing and sitting position; and lift items weighing various pounds, including heavy lifting. This position may require some travel including over the weekends and overnight.

How to Apply: 

Visit RMEF’s career website for the application. Contact Leah Burgess for more information. 

Leah Burgess, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation- Senior Conservation Program Mgr., Rocky Mountain Region

call: 307-760-5447    email: