Executive Director, UC Berkeley

Position Title: Graduate Assistantship in Food Systems

Organization: Insititute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity – Rausser College of Natural Resources

Position Overview: UC Berkeley seeks a dynamic, forward-thinking leader to serve as Executive Director of the Institute for Parks, People and Biodiversity (IPPB), housed in the Rausser College of Natural Resources. The Executive Director will advance three major initiatives:
1) research and dissemination on climate adaptation strategies for parks and protected areas in the US and abroad;
2) advancing the scientific foundations for the CA 30 x 30 Initiative, and helping policymakers surmount key barriers to its effective implementation; and
3) preparing a new generation of diverse conservation leaders with the right skills and abilities to understand, design and lead using the best available science. This appointment will be made in the Project Scientist title series.


  • Conducts original research, in collaboration with faculty and students, addressing the impacts of climate change on parks, strategies to enhance ecosystem resilience and resource management, and/or policy barriers and innovations to advance park management and equitable access of parks to diverse constituencies.
  • Publishes research in the peer review literature, participates in professional conferences, seminars and workshops, and serves the profession through service on committees within the university and the broader community.
  • Develops and implements the strategic goals, objectives, and directions of the Institute, and determines the requisite resource allocations and financing plans to achieve the goals and sustain the institute, conferring with the Faculty Directors and the Advisory Board
  • Acts as primary point of contact between the Institute and federal and state government agencies, and non-profit organizations involved in conservation efforts.
  • Identifies and enlists the faculty and staff needed to ensure the compelling and high quality programs for which the Institute is recognized.
  • Identifies and enlists the faculty and researchers from Rausser College of Natural Resources and the broader UC Berkeley community who are needed to cultivate gifts and develop grant proposals.
  • Acts as primary point of contact, in coordination with the development staff at the Rausser College of Natural Resources between the Institute donors and funders, preparing specific proposals and reporting on results and expenditures.
  • Manages the Institute’s facilities, budgets, and day-to-day operations, and supervises the research and professional staff.
    -Works closely with the Communications/Program Manager at the Rausser College of NR to develop public relations and other materials for external audiences.
  • Works closely with the Administrative/Office Manager to coordinate with Campus Shared Services on all matters related to financial and human resources support services.
  • Participates in assessment of program effectiveness, and recommends changes to program content, policies and strategic goals accordingly.

Minimum Qualification:

-PhD or equivalent international degree

Preferred Qualifications:

-Two years minimum experience working for federal or state government or a non-profit organization on issues such as conservation of biodiversity, climate change, protected area stewardship, equitable access to nature.
-Record of authored or co-authored publications
-Degree in environmental science, natural resources, conservation biology or a relate

Application Deadline: November 14, review begins October 29

How to apply: Please click here to view the full job description and to see instructions on how to apply.