Managing Attorney, Northern Rockies Office Earthjustice

Bozeman, MT

Position Title: Managing Attorney

Organization: Northern Rockies Office Earthjustice

Location: Bozeman, MT

Organization Overview: Founded in 1971, Earthjustice has a distinguished track record of achieving significant, lasting environmental protections. They achieve this by hiring people who share a passion for justice and a healthy environment. 

The Northern Rockies region is home to some of the last big wild spaces remaining in the lower 48 states. These are places where the howl of the wolf, the bugling of elk, and the great track of the grizzly bear offer vibrant proof that healthy, intact ecosystems remain part of our natural heritage. Earthjustice’s Northern Rockies Office works hard to defend these priceless natural resources. The office also works to block development of the region’s extensive fossil fuel deposits, which harm human health and the Earth’s climate, and to advance the region’s significant opportunities for a clean energy economy.

Position Overview: The Managing Attorney leads and oversees the work of the Northern Rockies Office, providing leadership for a team currently comprised of eight staff members. The Managing Attorney manages, develops, and implements regional strategies that align with organization-wide strategic plans and programmatic and litigation priorities. They also drive efforts to build and maintain effective working relationships with clients and partners, as well as with the news media, government officials, and donors. The Managing Attorney will be based in Bozeman, Montana, and report to a Vice President of Litigation based in San Francisco.

This is a significant opportunity for a dynamic leader to use their skills, the power of law, and the strength of partnership to deliver meaningful results for the environment, health, and communities in the Northern Rockies and across the nation. The Managing Attorney will lead a gifted team of attorneys and other staff, and work with them to chart a course for a key regional office of the largest public interest environmental law firm in the country. Litigation and management are equally important skill sets for this position, and the successful candidate will be committed to excellence in both areas.


Litigation Leadership and Strategy

  • Provides litigation leadership by litigating personally and working collaboratively with attorneys in the office to maximize the quality and impact of the office’s total litigation effort.
  • Manages, develops, and implements regional strategies that align with organization-wide strategic plans, core values, priorities, and other administrative policies and guidance.
  • Manages and guides the development of the staff of the office to ensure they have the training, mentoring, resources, feedback, and support to maximize their performance and development.
  • Develops and embraces practices and policies that promote a respectful and inclusive workplace and that foster community and teamwork among a diverse group of staff.
  • Builds and maintains effective working relationships with clients and partners.
  • Serves as a primary public face of the office and the organization, including by working effectively with the news media, government officials, and donors.
  • Works closely and productively with Earthjustice’s policy, communications, and fundraising teams to advance programmatic and institutional goals.


  • Recruits and hires qualified candidates who fit position requirements and the work environment.
  • Effects and manages organizational change through strategic thinking and transparent communication.
  • Collaborates with the Northern Rockies team to set clear direction aligned with Earthjustice strategy, mission, and vision.
  • Creates a learning culture, including by fostering growth through creativity and risk-taking.
  • Develops staff by identifying and encouraging training and professional development opportunities appropriate to role and creating development plans for all staff.
  • Provides staff with consistent performance feedback, both positive and constructive, and acts as a coach and mentor.
  • Ensures that any direct reports who have supervisory responsibility are properly executing those functions.
  • Creates a respectful and inclusive work environment for team and models respectful and inclusive behavior.
  • Promptly addresses micro-aggressions and other concerns brought to their attention.
  • Resolves interpersonal conflict among team members and brings in outside facilitators as needed.
  • Communicates effectively with staff and encourages them to raise concerns and provide ongoing feedback.
  • Creates or identifies strategic opportunities for team building and individual and overall staff engagement
  • with one another in order to strengthen teamwork, interaction, and collaboration.
  • Values and uses individual differences and talents to improve employee satisfaction and the quality of
  • collective work.
  • Celebrates successes and helps team members to understand, manage, and learn from setbacks.

Continued Personal Learning

  • Participates in organization-wide initiatives and trainings that contribute to the creation of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work culture that encourages and celebrates differences.
  • Utilizes internal and external resources to support their personal and professional development in a way that increases awareness and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and orientations.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Excellent management skills, including the ability to foster effective communication, collaboration, decision-making, and mutual respect.
  • Effective litigator with 10+ years’ experience in environmental and/or public interestlaw.
  • An understanding of how race dynamics affect supervisory relationships, organizational culture, partnerships, campaigns and coalition work. Demonstrated history of successfully navigating problematic dynamics and/or driving attention to racial justice within an organization a plus.
  • An understanding of how systemic racism affects present-day legal systems and ability to advance racial equity goals through legal strategies.
  • Strong capacity for strategic thinking, including in designing and implementing advocacy that consistently obtains high-quality results. An entrepreneurial approach with the ability to identify and exploit new opportunities, combined with the capacity to work well collaboratively as part of regional and national teams.
  • Experience and interest in coaching, guiding, and mentoring staff at different levels of their career development to continually improve their effectiveness.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills that show the ability to build and maintain effective working relationships with a diverse set of clients and other partners.
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills, with the ability to write and speak clearly and persuasively.
  • Experience working productively with the news media and with political and community leaders.
  • The ability and desire to participate effectively in fundraising efforts by developing and maintaining relationships with donors; experience with fundraising in a professional or volunteer capacity is a plus.
  • Ability to manage operations, including budgets, and general office and administrative matters.
  • Willingness to travel as necessary.


  • Ability to effectively manage and lead a diverse team with emotional intelligence (self-awareness and understanding of the impact of their behavior) and cultural humility (an understanding of the need for additional learning about different cultures, backgrounds, and orientation, and implementation of that learning in daily management practices).
  • Understands individual and team strengths and areas for development and develops plans accordingly.
  • Commitment to and experience in developing team skills and talents to meet the evolving needs of an organization.
  • Ability to give and receive regular formal and informal feedback in a timely, constructive, respectful, and consistent manner and to incorporate debriefing into the team’s operations.
  • Strong team mentorship and communication skills.

Salary/pay: They offer a mission- and employee-focused work environment and a competitive compensation package, including excellent benefits. Earthjustice is an equal opportunity employer and highly values diversity. Salary is based on number of years of litigation experience and location. Salary range in Bozeman, Montana: $169,050 – $187,832

How to Apply: Earthjustice has retained the services of ThinkingAhead Executive Search. Please submit your resume and expression of interest to: Chris Spagnola at and Jessica Martinez at