Community Education VISTA, Sheridan Community Land Trust

Position Title: Community Education VISTA

Sheridan Community Land Trust

Sheridan, Wyoming

You will provide capacity for Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) programs through providing free public experiences that touch on our regions deep history, learn about local conservation and our natural worlds, and explore recreation. You will contribute to the project’s goals of anti-poverty, increasing community capacity, and increasing knowledge of environmental stewardship by performing activities such as developing educational resources, recruiting educators, organizing volunteers, and developing funding with feedback from community members and groups over the course of one year. To accomplish program’s goals you will work on the following: 1) You will develop capacity for our ongoing education series, “Discovery Sessions”. This includes developing a Discovery Sessions planning tool and expanding Discovery Sessions to include new community partners. Past Discovery Sessions have include local birding, how to ride a mountain bike, local history, snow safety, and more. 2) You will research and document ways SCLT can reach underserved communities through future Discovery Sessions. 3) You will develop tools and capacity for thanking our amazing volunteers. 4) You will develop grants to increase SCLT’s reach into low-income communities and our environmental stewardship education. 5) Finally you will activity promote inclusion in our Discovery Sessions for low-income and marginalized communities. You will be part of small but amazing team who spend their days building hiking trails, conserve local wildlife habitat, and telling our local history. 

General Skills, Youth Development, Writing/Editing, Team Work, Computers/Technology, Teaching/Tutoring, Public Speaking, Fund raising/Grant Writing, Community Organization, Education, Leadership, Environment, Communications.

Start/End dates:
January 18, 2022 – January 17, 2023

Application Deadline:
December 13

How to Apply:
You can apply here.