Environmental Intern, Mountain Cement Company

Laramie, WY

Job Title: Environmental Intern 

Organization: Mountain Cement Company

Location: Laramie, WY

Overview: The person currently being looked for is a student, most preferably beginning their Junior year this Fall, that is pursuing a science degree, with an aptitude in the environmental field.  The selected student would work at the plant for approximately 20-30 hrs/week, at a rate of $25/hr.  Although the intern would be exposed to various positions at the plant, they would work very closely with the plant’s Environmental Manager on various projects related to every day operations including, but not limited to, emissions monitoring, reporting, and record keeping, etc. 

The lead staff has been the Environmental Manager at the plant since 2008 covering environmental operations of the plant, as well as cement terminals located in CO, NE and UT, and has also worked at two other cement plants at the same capacity since 1998.  The intern would be able to pick up substantial skills during their internship, which would provide a sound foundation for beginning their professional career after they finish their education.  In addition, although not guaranteed, their experience and education could possibly provide future employment within the Eagle Materials (Mountain Cement Plant’s parent Company) operations, which are located throughout the United States. Please feel free to look through the Parent Company’s website.

How to Apply: Please contact this company on the their website